10 Types Of Aunties In Local Trains

by Mrunal Mahajan
10 Types Of Aunties In Local Trains

I am a regular traveller and I travel from the Central Line of railways which is the most crowded at all time. And in 5 years of my travelling, I have experienced all kinds of people on the train. Especially the women I find in my compartment! It is pure entertainment to just observe their reactions and how they behave. Even if you leave your phone behind you won’t get bored. I bet you have met these types of aunties at least once in your life and your experience with them has been memorable.

Here are the types of aunties that I have met over the years.

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1. Where Your Earphones At?

There at least has to be one aunty that never gets her earphones and makes sure that whatever she is doing on her phone is heard by everyone in the compartment. Whenever they are playing a game, watching a movie, watching some daily soap, listening to some motivational speaker their phone is always on full volume. What is the deal with you? Do you want me to buy you some earphones?

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2. Block Nahi Kiya Toh Kya Kiya?

The one that is always on the door even though their destination is the last stop and even when they have enough space to sit. They want to enjoy the scenery, wind in their hair and their dupatta will always be outside the door like Anjali’s dupatta from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. How to make everyone else’s life difficult? Just stand in their way and block their path. Why Aunty, why?

3. Angry Aunties

The aunty who is always mad at everyone for no apparent reason. She is just shouting at everyone, exchanging irritable gestures and will be forever mad at every little thing you do. She is herself in a bad mood and makes sure that she ruin everybody else’s too. Maybe it’s her stressful work, annoying colleagues, family issues or it’s just the way she is. You can never guess.

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4. The Modern Aunty

The aunty that will compliment you for your nail polish, your hair, the dress you are wearing or even your existence. She will inquire where you got it from, the cost and the brand. She is such a feel-good person, not everyone likes that though. But I love me some validation! At least it is better than the one who exchanges sighs, rolls her eyes and kicks you right out of the train. More power to you, aunty!

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5. Marathon Runner 

This one will always be funny and also commendable at times. She will stand at the start of the platform for a compartment that is in the middle of the platform. I appreciate her taking the effort to just get one seat and after she gets that seat, the sheer joy on her face is so satisfying. And if it’s a window seat, I swear she will be the happiest person you see in your entire day.

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6. The Gossip Monger 

Oh god, woman! How much do you know about people’s personal life? She will gossip about everything right from their sexual preferences, people’s family issues, affairs, boyfriends everything!! It is fun sometimes to overhear her conversation with other women but only when it does not turn offensive. And boy, she has a lot of opinions!

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7. Entrepreneur Aunty 

This one will not fail to amaze you. Have you seen the woman that has a catalogue of nail polishes, lipsticks and even dress pieces? She manages work and office and also sells these products on the side. It is commendable how this superwoman does it. I can’t even get myself out of the bed in the morning. More love and support to you aunty!

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8. Nosey Aunty 

This one will always look into your phone and breathe down your neck until you get down. And you know that she is reading your messages, looking into your phone, watching the series that you are watching. It gets weird after a point. Imagine her peeping into your phone when you are watching Game Of Thrones and Jon Snow is making love to Danerys. Private space much?

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9. Moral Police Aunties 

What clothes are you wearing? Please cover your legs. Has your mother not taught you anything? *gets ready to punch* I will show you what my mother taught me. There is enough negativity around women being independent and wanting to live their life free of all restrictions. Aunty, I am not changing my clothes, you change your mentality.

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 10. The ‘I have everything’ Aunty

She is like the second mother you never asked for. She carries everything extra tiffins, medicines, chocolates, snacks and safety pins. Helps out everyone in the compartment and has all the hacks and home remedies for the time when someone is not feeling well or has period cramps. Her remedies come to your rescue!

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If you have met any other type of aunty, do let you know! We do not mean to offend anyone but it is what it is!