Aaj Google Doodle Dekha? It’s Bubble Tea Along With Taiwan’s Indigenous Formosan Mountain Dog

by Shreya Rathod
Aaj Google Doodle Dekha? It’s Bubble Tea Along With Taiwan’s Indigenous Formosan Mountain Dog

Tea has been a popular drink for ages. It was one of the most commercially popular commodities during the British colonial era. However, in modern times, different versions of tea have become popular among Gen Z. One of them is a Taiwanese speciality. And if you are a tea lover, this sweet tapioca pearl-infused tea is a mind-blowing drink. Even Google is out with an interactive bubble tea animation doodle.

Google Is Crazy About Bubble Tea

bubble tea
Credits: Google Doodle

A popular drink among Gen Z, bubble tea is a must-try. A non-alcoholic and non-carbonated drink, bubble tea has suddenly gained a place among the most consumed beverages in the world. To celebrate this delicacy, Google has introduced an interactive animated doodle that features Taiwan’s indigenous Formosan Mountain Dog. Moreover, the description of this cute doodle reads: ‘satisfy your craving with a cup of bubble tea.’ Google has made it a point to honour the heritage and history of this delicious bubble tea.

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This Is A Taiwanese Speciality

The Taiwanese speciality bubble tea is gaining popularity all around the world. Introduced in the 1980s in Taiwan, this tea is accompanied by chewy and sweet tapioca balls. The tea used in this drink is oolong or black with any milk of your choice. The most interesting thing about this drink is that you can add any topping of your choice. Also, the tapioca balls are soaked in sugar syrup which gives them a sweet texture as well.

If you haven’t tried this delicious sweet beverage, then grab one today! Also, tell us what you think of this adorable doodle art in the comments below.

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