After Barbados, Indians Can Now Work From Bermuda Beaches Instead Of Home

by Drishti
After Barbados, Indians Can Now Work From Bermuda Beaches Instead Of Home

The work from home trend needs no introduction, with the lockdown running into months almost everywhere. But the trend is being adapted to, and many destinations are inviting globetrotters to work from scenic locales. After Barbados recently announced its Welcome Stamp visa, Bermuda is the latest to join the bandwagon of such destinations.

Details And Criteria Of Bermuda’s Remote Working Programme

If turquoise waters, sun and sand sound like the perfect work setting for you, Bermuda is the place to be! However, with the pandemic in place, one must carefully consider several factors before plunging in.

Work from Bermuda

Applications to the year-long residency certificate open on August 1. Interested candidates are required to pay a fee of ₹19,658 ($263). They must be over 18 years of age, have a valid health insurance, and prove their ability to maintain a source of income, among fulfilling other criteria. The idyllic British island territory is also extending its tourist visa stay from 90 days to 180 days, to boost its economy.

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Remote Working Locations Around The World

In an attempt to revive tourism, countries are offering special term visas for remote work options. Buzzwords like staycations and workcations have redefined the work from home scenario. Countries like Estonia and Georgia have already announced their remote-working programmes for digital nomads, apart from Barbados and Bermuda. Japanese companies are also embracing remote working trend by promoting workcations in the country. Meanwhile, back home in India, places like Goa, Manali and Kasol have opened up for tourism and staycations.

Work from Bermuda

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Safety Is Priority

Ideally, the best way to head to Bermuda is by flight via the United States of America. Major US cities like Washington and Newark are well-connected to the island territory. Currently, not everyone can travel internationally, and everything is subject to the rules and regulations of respective destination countries. While the pandemic has restricted movements all over severely, one can only hope for the situation to recede. That, or the opening up of an air bubble between the India and the US, can be the game-changer for those who wish to work remotely.

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Stepping out during these times can be dreadful. Till then, here’s our guide to make your work from home experience more comfortable. Stay safe, and continue to watch this space for more!