At ₹9 Lakhs, You Can Too Glam Up Like A Met Gala Celebrity At This Manhattan Luxury Hotel!

by Tejashee Kashyap
At ₹9 Lakhs, You Can Too Glam Up Like A Met Gala Celebrity At This Manhattan Luxury Hotel!

As the first Monday of May approaches, the world awaits fashion’s biggest night, The Met Gala. It is not just a fashion event, it has become a cultural phenomenon. And now, a luxurious property, The Equinox Hotel is ready to help one relax and recharge ahead of the big night, with all the amenities and exceptional service a MET Gala invitee requires.

A Pre-Met Gala Experience?


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Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Hudson Yards, the Equinox Hotel offers a stunning backdrop for the annual fashion extravaganza. With its sleek and modern design, the hotel’s aesthetic is both chic and contemporary.  The hotel has now announced, ‘The Ultimate Met Gala Beauty Experience’ ahead of the big day.

The result is an expertly-designed pre-gala routine that will leave guests and attendees feeling their best from the inside out.  The luxury hotel has teamed up with renowned beauty expert Dr Lara Devgan and Italian luxury label Valentino to create a lavish grooming experience for the 2023 Met Gala to ensure the attendees look immaculate on the red carpet.

What Does The Experience Include?


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It will be a two-night getaway that brings together beauty, glamour, and wellness, designed for attendees and spectators alike.  Apart from having a very comfortable and luxurious suite at the Equinox Hotel New York, the experience is stashed with lavish amenities.

To begin with, the two-night experience offers an expansive suite that is ‘scientifically designed’ for the best night’s sleep. A range of complimentary skincare products curated by Devgan and a swish Valentino vanity case would be part of the suite. There’s also a private shopping session in the Valentino boutique under this experience.

Additionally, there will be private sessions of reformer pilates to work on strength and sculpting and a full-body glow-up at the hotel’s spa. Moreover, expect more beauty treatments: a gold collagen facial by Devgan herself, a lymphatic drainage detox and slimming treatment, and a choice of either cryotherapy or a stint in the infrared sauna. Moreover, there is a Gold Microinfusion Microneedling Treatment, PRP, and a host of serums for your skin benefits.

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Not just facial beauty, but even gut health is important before the big night. At Equinox hotels, you can grab a $200 food and beverage credit at the hotel’s restaurant and in-room dining. Expect dishes with fresh, seasonal produce in an array of clean, conscious dishes that put flavour at the forefront.

Where: Hudson Yards, New York
When: April 15 – May 1
Cost: $12,000 approx. (₹984,660)
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Does The Pre-Met Gala Beauty Experience excite you?

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