Delhi Eatery Serves Spicy Jalebi Chaat For People Who Want Best Of Both Worlds

by Sanjana Shenoy
Delhi Eatery Serves Spicy Jalebi Chaat For People Who Want Best Of Both Worlds

Indian street food is going through a renaissance thanks to the age of internet virality. Foodies are witnessing new food trends born in the gullies of our nation in the able hands of enthusiastic street vendors. From wacky creations like an omelette made with Fanta, pani puri topped with chowmein to kid-friendly oreo pakoras, the list is endless. Adding to this sometimes-amusing-other-times-questioning food combination is a Delhi eatery’s Spicy Jalebi Chaat. Read on to know more.

Delhi’s Chaat Box Serves Spicy Jalebi Chaat

Chaat Box nestled in Delhi’s Greater Kailash-I has created waves on social media for serving a wacky Jalebi Chaat. This chaat caters to street food lovers who want the best of both worlds-chaat and desserts. In a video uploaded by @delhifoodnest on Instagram, you can see the making of the jalebi chaat. To prepare this snack, first crispy jalebis are topped with boondis, chaat masala and green and tamarind chutney. Next, chilled curd is added with a second helping of chutneys. Finally, the dish is finished off with a sprinkle of sev, coriander and pomegranate. Priced at ₹125, do you want to try this Jalebi Chaat at Delhi’s Chaat Box?

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Internet Is Curious To Know How It Tastes

The video went viral garnering over 7000 likes. Many netizens were curious to know how it tasted. Some enquired on the flavours, other complimented it for being unique. And then jalebi fans took over to ask street food vendors and eateries to leave the humble jalebi alone and not make a food trend from it. Well, whether this dish was a hit or a miss is up to you, once you taste it. Meanwhile, have you tried Mumbai’s largest jalebi?