Get Ready To Fly Off To Taiwan As They’ve Finally Re-Opened Borders After 2.5 Years

by Shreya Ghosh
Get Ready To Fly Off To Taiwan As They’ve Finally Re-Opened Borders After 2.5 Years

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and countries started restricting borders, the travelling experiences of every person have taken a turn for sure. Spending 24/7 within the walls has increased our urge and wishes to travel more and the good news is that nations worldwide are reopening their borders to international travellers. And this time, Taiwan eases the restrictions and welcomes back visitors after quite a long time.

Taiwan Finally Re-Opened Borders After 2.5 Years

Photo credit- Pixabay

Taiwan put an end to many quarantine restrictions on Thursday and reopened its borders to international tourists. After a long period of about 2.5 years, overseas travellers can finally embark on a journey to this country. And with the announcement of this grand news, tourists already started flocking here.

The first people to enter the country after a halt of over 2.5 years flew from Bangkok at Taoyuan International Airport sometime after the clock struck midnight. A mascot and Taiwanese officials were present to welcome the first group of passengers from Thailand. Chang Shi-Chung, the director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau was also present in the arrival hall of the airport where he presented gifts to the visitors.

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Pack Your Bags To Fly Off To This Country!

The good news is that now there are no mandatory rules to undergo any PCR test or quarantine after reaching Taiwan. With the lifting of all the major COVID-19 entry restrictions, it is now a good time to explore here. Though PCR tests and quarantining are not mandatory now, visitors will need to undergo a rapid antigen test on the day of arrival. A negative report of this antigen test is necessary.

Also, a major thing that the tourists need to follow on arrival to this country is they need to monitor their health for a week. If anyone plans to explore the places in between the monitoring week, a negative test report is required. The negative report needs to be of the day of travel or the day prior to that.

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Reopening the borders will surely boost Taiwan’s tourism industry. So, when are you flying here?

Cover Image Courtesy: Pixabay