Irresponsible Tourism? Tourists Drive Car On Goa’s Morjim Beach & Get Stuck In Sand

by Sanjana Shenoy
Irresponsible Tourism? Tourists Drive Car On Goa’s Morjim Beach & Get Stuck In Sand

India has witnessed many incidents of irresponsible tourism lately. A couple from Jaipur drove their SUV over Ladakh’s pristine sand dunes. Meanwhile, a tourist from Delhi recklessly steered his car on Goa’s Anjuna beach. And now, a tourist drove his vehicle on Goa’s Morjim beach. Netizens have slammed the irresponsible act.  Read on to know more.

Kolhapur Tourist Drove SUV Over Goa’s Morjim Beach

On September 11, Pernem police booked a tourist for driving his SUV on Morjim beach. This incident happened around 12:30 pm. A resident of Kolhapur, 32-year-old Sagar Savaratkar was responsible for this unruly act. He drove his SUV rashly over the beach. This led to the tyres getting stuck in the soft sand. On witnessing the incident, passers-by surrounded the vehicle. They reprimanded him for his reckless behaviour.

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Endangered Lives Of Humans & Rare Turtles

The Pernem police booked the tourist under sections 336  and 2779 of the Indian Penal Code. In fact, they are investigating him for the same. Do note that Morjim beach is a turtle nesting site. Endangered Olive Ridley turtles lay hundreds of eggs on the shores of the beach. The nesting season happens from October to April. By driving his SUV over the pristine beach, the tourist not only endangered human life. But also endangered the lives of these rare turtles.

Responsible tourism is not a fad. It’s the need of the hour. We hope authorities take strict actions against tourists displaying careless behaviour. So, this will in turn set an example for other tourists.