Is Emirates Really Giving Away Free Round Trip Tickets To Europe? Here’s The Truth

by Ishita Agarwal
Is Emirates Really Giving Away Free Round Trip Tickets To Europe? Here’s The Truth

Our apologies, but we have to tell you this: However, complimentary round-trip tickets to Europe, Asia, or any other domestic destination are NOT offer by Emirates. It’s not a good idea to click on a social media post that includes the information above. The company has said that social media posts offering vacation freebies from Emirates Airlines are inaccurate, requesting users to verify the information on its official social media accounts. 

Users Have To Fill out An Online Form To Win Free Round Trip

As this spread, Emirates quickly clarified that no such contest was taking place at the time. After contacting Emirates, an official statement from an official airlines representative indicating that only official channels, such as Emirates’ verified social media account, are eligible to conduct contests and prizes.

In June, a similar social media post claiming to be from the airlines promised a prize of Dh10,000. People were encouraged to participate in the tournament and win Dh10,000 by posting a message on social media.

To guard against cyber fraud, the UAE’s governmental and corporate sectors often issue recommendations to its citizens. Moreover, urging them to only rely on official, well-respected sources for their information. 



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Scam Asks People To Answer Few Short Questions To Get Round Trip Ticket To Europe

Banks and government agencies warn people to exercise caution when sending money over the internet to avoid falling victim to scams and other forms of fraud. So, please be aware of such scams happening. The truth is that Emirates is NOT giving any free round-trip tickets to Europe. It’s a SCAM! 


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