Kashmir Police Set Up Unique ‘Wall Of Kindness’ To Help Needy; People Donate Clothes & Food

wall of kindness
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1040

The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone across the world. But the underprivileged are left struggling to make ends meet as they scrounge for warm clothes and good food. During this time, heroes have emerged to help those in need. One such incident is that of police officer, Sheikh Aadil Mushtaq, who set up the “Wall of Kindness” in Kashmir. This unique wall aims to help the needy and homeless. As Kashmir gets ready for chilly winters, warm clothes donated by locals will surely help those in need. Read on to know more about this noble initiative.

The Wall of Kindness Set Up By A Cop In Kashmir Aims To Help The Underprivileged

Sheikh Aadil Mushtaq, DSP traffic police in Srinagar built the Wall of Kindness outside the office of the traffic police department. He decided to help the needy after witnessing deplorable conditions of the poor hit by the coronavirus induced lockdowns and the abrogations of Article 370.  According to The New Indian Express, he took the initiative on November 13, on the occasion of World Kindness Day. Mashhad in Iran first started the concept of The Wall of Kindness in 2016. And over the years, many countries across the world adopted this.

Picture Credits: india.shafaqna.com

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Locals in Kashmir donate everything from food items, clothes on hangers to even sanitary pads. The wall has an apt message stating,  “If you don’t need it, leave it. If you need it, take it.” The 33-year-old police officer started this initiate near his office to monitor and supervise the arrangements. He reveals to media houses that hundreds of people visit this wall every day and donate warm clothes, food and blankets. Infact, during winters, arrangements for earthen hot pots have also been made.

Picture Credits: india.shafaqna.com

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People Donate Clothes, Food & Blankets In Jammu & Kashmir

There’s also a coffee and tea vending machine, set up by donors. People can visit the Wall of Kindness to have a warm beverage amid the harsh winters of Jammu & Kashmir. DSP Aadil states to media houses “It hardly matters whether the initiative has been taken by a police officer or a civilian. What matters is that we need to be compassionate towards people, who have been economically hit by two lockdowns since August 5 last year. We need to be compassionate towards each other and help each other in the trying times like Covid-19 pandemic. And we should come up with such initiatives regularly.”   It’s really heartwarming to witness people donate clothes, food, blankets at the Wall of Kindness. We salute corona warriors like DSP Aadil for their sincere efforts. 

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