Kerala Travel Agent Converts Van Into Ambulance For COVID-19 Patients & Does Not Charge A Rupee

kerala travel agent converts van into ambulance
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1175

Just when we thought, 2020, the worst year of our lives was over, the Covid-19 second wave swept the nation. With hospitals facing an acute shortage of bed, oxygen concentrators, ambulances and medical drugs, India truly gasps for breath. But amid this tragic situation, ordinary people have stepped up to do extraordinary good.  Home cooks cook and provide healthy meals free of cost to infected patients. Auto drivers have converted their three-wheelers into makeshift ambulances to ferry Covid patients. And now, the latest Covid warrior is a travel agent from Kerala who transformed his van into an ambulance. Travel might have been halted, but there is no pause on the season to do good.

Travel Agent Shahjahan Converts Van Into Ambulance

S Shahjahan, a travel agency owner in Balaramapuram in Kerala, converted his van into an ambulance for Covid positive patients. His van is equipped with an oxygen cylinder and S Shahjahan ferries his patients to hospitals for free. Providing round the clock service, the travel agency owner ensures timely medical attention for patients. Shahjahan has one ambulance ready for the same. And he is willing to transform more vans into ambulances if the demand arises. Meanwhile, Kerala has implemented a triple lockdown in 4 districts. 

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Picture Credits: The New Indian Express/ EPS

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Free Ambulance Equipped With Oxygen Cylinder & Stretcher

According to The New Indian Express, the 54-year-old despite hiring a few drivers, is also ready to drive in case of an emergency. He aims to make his ambulance available to the people during a time of crisis.  Shahjahan replaced seats on one side of his 17-seater van. And in place of that, he placed a stretcher instead. He revealed to TNIE that if they receive a call from the hospital, they will provide an oxygen cylinder that can be refilled at the oxygen war room and hospitals. The inspiration to convert his travel van into an ambulance came from his observation of the Covid situation in Kerala. People ran frantically to get service of the 108 ambulances, but unfortunately, they were insufficient.

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Picture Credits: India Today/ Vivek R

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Another Travel Agent From Kerala Also Provides Ambulance Services

Mayor Arya Rajendran flagged off Shahjahan’s ambulance from the Thiruvananthapuram corporation office premises on May 15. Shahjahan is also the state convener of the Karunya Drivers Helpline. This is an organisation that repairs broken vehicles due to accidents and other issues. Shahjahan charges a fee to repair these vehicles. To avail of his services, you can contact his number 7736767739. Apart from Shahjahan, Najeeb Vellakka, another travel agency owner converted his traveller van into an ambulance.

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Picture Credits: India Today/ Vivek R

The owner of Zainul Travels was also ready to convert more vans into ambulances if the pandemic got more severe in Kerala. Shahjahan and Najeeb Vellakka’s deeds are truly heartwarming. Despite the plummet in the travel industry, the two owners have sought to help Covid patients in the state in their own way.

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