Lufthansa Now Let’s You Book Three Seats To Yourself So You Can Sleep On Long-Haul Flights

by Sanjana Shenoy
Lufthansa Now Let’s You Book Three Seats To Yourself So You Can Sleep On Long-Haul Flights

Whether it’s gorging on delicious meals, catching up on entertainment or even using the washroom, all of these activities are seamless on flights. But if there’s one nuisance we can all agree on, it’s sleeping during a long haul flight. With little to no room to stretch our legs and a lack of a comfy bed, it’s like bidding goodbye to our beauty. But not anymore! German airline Lufthansa now lets you book three seats for yourself so you can sleep peacefully on long-haul flights. This is a dream come true moment for flyers. Read on to know more.

Lufthansa Introduces Sleeper’s Row For Passengers To Lie Down

Lufthansa’s new “Sleeper’s Row” perk allows flyers to upgrade to an entire row of three to four seats for the duration of long haul flights that usually span 11 hours or more. Imagine having an entire row of seats to yourself, just so you could sleep like baby mid-air, and feel refreshed on landing. At Lufthansa, this is a sure shot thing. While this sounds like a genie answered all your prayers, passengers taller than 6 feet might have some problem. Seats on the Lufthansa 747 are just 17 inches wide. This would mean that even after combining 4 seats, it would measure only 5’6″. So it might not be that comfortable for tall people.

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Book 3-4 Rows of Seats & Get Blanket, Pillow & Mattress

Nevertheless, if you still choose to opt for the “Sleeper’s Row” perk. Let’s tell you what’s in store. Firstly, passengers can avail themselves of a cosy blanket, comfy pillow and a Business Class quality mattress topper. Moreover, there will also be a special belt to ensure the safety of passengers throughout the journey. Passengers who avail of the Sleeper’s Row can also board the airline before the economy class passengers. While the Sleeper’s Row price starts from $190 (₹14,202), it can increase to $272( ₹20,331) according to the route. Do keep in mind it’s only available on flights between Germany and Brazil. You can find three luxe seating arrangements on the Lufthansa plane. So hurry and grab your sleeper row seats!

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lufthansa sleeper's row
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Lufthansa Ran The First Trial On Frankfurt To Sao Paulo Route

Lufthansa first introduced the Sleeper row on its Frankfurt to Sao Paulo route and back for several years, last year. The trial was successful and the feedback was incorporated to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers. Apart from Air New Zealand also ran a trial for “SkyNest”. This amenity would let passengers sleep on six lie-flat neds in a bunker at the end of the economy cabin. So, what’s the verdict, should all planes have sleeper bunks? Well, we’d say yes, what about you? Meanwhile, here’s a beginner’s guide to board an international flight.