Monsoon Treks We Are Missing Right Now

by Gizel Menezes
Monsoon Treks We Are Missing Right Now

Lush green mountains, gushing streams, cascading waterfalls, and the heavenly smell of wet earth, aah, trekking during the monsoons is one of the best feelings ever. If you’re an avid trekker, you know the undisputed thrill that one experiences while trekking in this season. With nature dressed in its best monsoon outfit, the stunning views and pleasant weather make trekking a truly refreshing and challenging experience. But alas, the pandemic has ruined all our dreams of trekking this year. With the rising number of COVID-19 cases each day, trekking in the rains seems like a far-fetched dream now, something that we will hopefully experience in the coming year only. Till then, you can plan and binge on these Travel Inspired Movies To Satiate Your Monsoon Mood!

Monsoon Treks We Are Missing Right Now

But since we went down memory lane, and got pretty nostalgic about the past, we ended up curating a list of treks that we are missing currently. These are hands down our most favorite ones! Let’s reminisce, shall we?

1. Valley Of Flowers, Uttarakhand

The Valley Of Flowers is possibly the most popular trek in Uttarakhand, but for all the right reasons. This stunning trail is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list and is located within the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve.

As the name suggests, the place turns into a massive carpet of flowers during the monsoons, making for the most mesmerizing views. And as I write this, I can’t stop myself from dreaming about the weather, the clouds, the greenery, and the amazing spectacle of more than 300 species of the endemic alpine flowers. An absolute favorite, this one we truly truly miss. Also, do you know the World’s Biggest Tulip Garden Has Opened Up In Uttarakhand?

2. Kashmir Great Lakes, Jammu & Kashmir

Kashmir is rightly called heaven on Earth because of it boasts some of the most extraordinary treks once should embark on. No wonder Kashmir Topped The 2019 List Of ‘Most Searched Vacation Destinations In India’. But if call yourself a trekking enthusiast and still haven’t covered this one yet, you’ve missed out on one of nature’s most awe-inducing spectacles. As the name suggests, the trail takes you to as many as 7 alpine lakes, each better than the other. The sheer beauty of these lakes during the monsoons, the lush green meadows, blooming flowers and the snow-clad peaks of Kashmir are unreal and it’s unfair that we won’t get to witness their ethereal beauty this year!

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3. Sinhagad Trek, Maharashtra 

Yes, Maharashtra is home to numerous monsoon treks, but the Sinhagad Trek is one of the most popular treks and our personal favorite too. The trail takes you to the beautiful 17th-century historical for of Sinhagad, and makes for a perfect weekend activity. Being enveloped with a panoramic view of the rolling green hills along with excessive mist and cloud, is something we miss so much! Also, the beautiful views of sunrise and sunset that this treks offers is one of the best! Also, do you know that the 50,000 Year Old Lonar Crater Lake In Maharashtra Turned Mysteriously Pink?

4. Hampta Pass, Himachal Pradesh

An absolute delight in the monsoon, the Hampta trek captures Himachal Pradesh’s immortal beauty in entirety. Starting from the popular destination of Manali and then connecting with Lahaul and Kullu, the trek is scenic and soulful. The alpine forests, pristine fresh water streams, grasslands, colorful gorges and breathtaking meadows along the way would make for the perfect escape from the living-day horrors that we are experiencing right now! But no worries, next year it is! Also if you’re interested, These Are The Ultimate Mountain Getaways In Himachal Pradesh!

5. Chembra Peak Trek, Kerala

A trail that does absolute justice to the monsoon magic in South India, trekking through Wayanad’s tea plantations is one of the most alluring and scenic experiences you will ever have. Surrounded by mist and cloud-covered hills, you walk your way up to the heart-shaped Chembra Lake, which lays peacefully in the cradle of a crispy green meadow. The fresh mountain air, panoramic view of the valley, the spectacular sight of the heart shape pond during the monsoons will keep you gasping and gaping. Did you know Kerala Has India’s Tallest Shiva Linga That Is 111.2 Ft High!?

Image Courtesy: Kerala Tourism Website

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6. Mullayangiri Trek, Karnataka

Trekking through the highest peak in Karnataka during the rains is a feeling unmatched. With its trail in the beautiful region coffee-rich estates of Chikmagalur, this trek is nothing less than spectacular. Serpentine paths, green cliffs and the beautiful caves on the way to the top make us miss this trek even more. Also, the ancient Shiva temple perched atop the peak gives you a certain sense of calm amidst the scenic views.

Image Courtesy: Karnataka Tourism

7. Dzongri Trek, Sikkim

A a paradise for trekking enthusiasts especially in monsoon, this picturesque trail in Sikkim is sheer beauty. Covered in dense green forests, which take a lush green color during the monsoons, the trek starts from Yuksom and then covers the regions of Goeche La, Phedang, Bakkhim to finally reach Dzongri. Offering you the most brilliant view of the Kanchenjunga, Mt. Pandim and the Himalayan range, this trail is pure monsoon magic and we cannot wait to go there next year! Also, did you know the World’s Highest Golf Course Is Located In East Sikkim?

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8. Tarsar Marsar, Jammu & Kashmir

Named after the two glacial lakes on the route, Tarsar and Marsar, this trekking trail offers you the best of Kashmir. Placid alpine lakes, velvety grasslands carpeted with numerous species of flowers in full bloom and of course the glacial lakes make the trek a rather memorable monsoon experience!

9. Rupin Pass Trek, Uttarakhand

Dewy meadows, azure rivers, snow fields and literally hundreds of waterfalls, this is how you traverse through the Rupin pass trek. Known for its ever-changing landscapes, it is a delight for adventure junkies especially in the monsoons. Just imagine camping near these waterfalls, and thanking your stars, it’s something we miss dearly!

10. Pin Bhabha Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Easily one of the most beautiful treks in India, the Pin Bhabha Valley trek is a whole new adventure during the monsoons. You will pass through lush grasslands, beautiful forests, and the brown desert of the Pin Valley. With the monsoon adding its characteristic spin to the region, the panoramic 180-degree views of the Bhaba and Pin valleys appear magnificent. Just thinking about it takes our nostalgic to whole new levels.

You know what the pandemic has taught us? That life is too short. So, next year, don’t take the monsoon season for granted. Go out, get rain-soaked and trek! It will be the most memorable monsoon trek of your life! Also, don’t forget to check this hilarious video that captures the types of people during the monsoon!

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