Mouni Roy Shares Her Breakfast Ritual With Us, And We Are Totally Following It

Learn about Mouni's typical morning routine, from waking up to breakfast choices.

by Priyanka Fernandes
Mouni Roy Shares Her Breakfast Ritual With Us, And We Are Totally Following It

Mouni Roy shares her healthy and easy morning routine with Curly Tales. It can be daunting for some to face the start of a potentially stressful day. That’s why it’s imperative to have a morning ritual that uplifts and inspires you. Do you feel overwhelmed when you wake up every morning?

If the idea of getting out of bed and starting your day fills you with anxiety, it can be challenging to shake off that feeling and find the motivation to get going. Mouni Roy’s lifestyle embodies a holistic approach to wellness and a healthy way of life. Observing her teaches us how to integrate physical, mental, and spiritual well-being into our daily routine. She is an inspiration to us all in terms of prioritizing self-care and making healthy choices.

Mouni Aways Begins Her Day With Lots Of Water

Water is life, and Mouni follows this mantra to the core. As soon as she wakes, she drinks lots of water. She gives her body a break for 10 minutes and then consumes a very healthy concoction of ginger and turmeric. Drinking ginger-turmeric water in the morning boosts immunity and protects against infections with its antioxidant properties.

After that, she has a warm cup of cinnamon water. Starting your day with a simple yet beneficial drink can positively impact your digestive health. Infusing warm water with cinnamon can produce digestive enzymes, which help in digestion and nutrient absorption. This easy and effective habit can set the tone for a healthier digestive system. 

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Yoga And Healthy Food Is An Integral Part Of Mouni’s Day

Mouni roy
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After completing an effective detox, Mouni takes a refreshing shower and performs her daily morning prayer rituals to start her day positively. She firmly believes in Yoga and includes it into her morning routine by performing the Shambhavi Kriya daily. For those who don’t know, Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya is a technique that combines pranayama and meditation and is part of the Isha Yoga lineage. After this, she follows this with a healthy breakfast like poha or açaai. However, on weekends, she indulges and eats her favourite food or cheat meals.

Mouni Roy believes that having effective morning rituals can set the tone for a productive day, which she follows rigorously.

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