MS Dhoni’s Fan Walks 1400 Km To Meet Him; Returns Back Disappointed As Cricketer Isn’t In Ranchi

ms dhoni fan walks
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1297

An ardent fan of former Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni walked 1400 km from Hisar in Haryana to Ranchi to meet his idol. Ajay Gill claimed to walk to MS Dhoni’s home in Ranchi to meet his idol. The fan was hopeful to meet the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) captain for at least 10 minutes. If you’re a Dhoni fan, then read on to know more about this story.

Ajay Gill Walked 1400 Km To Meet His Idol MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni who retired from the international cricket team last year is one of the world’s most popular cricketers. He enjoys a staggering fan base. Ajay Gill, a die-hard fan of his walked a whopping 1400 km from Haryana to Ranchi, hoping the cricketer would spare 10 minutes to meet the beloved fan. But Dhoni wasn’t in his hometown, he left for Chennai and later landed in the UAE before the start of the second phase of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021. The CSK skipper left for UAE with the rest of his squad who will commence preparations for the remaining IPL season.

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The Super Fan Has A Special Hairstyle Dedicated To His Favourite Cricketer

According to The Telegraph report,  when the 18-year-old fan realised this he stated that he will return home only after meeting MS Dhoni. He was spotted standing outside the gate of the cricketer’s farmhouse in Simalia on the outskirts of Ranchi. Ajay informed that he was a barber in his village, who enthralled everyone with his unique hairstyle dedicated to MS Dhoni. There’s ‘Dhoni’ and ‘Mahi’ written on both sides of his head dyed in yellow, blue and orange colours. Ajay Gill used to play cricket but stopped after MS Dhoni retired. He wishes to seek the former India captain’s blessings before starting the next chapter of his cricket journey.

ms dhoni fan walks

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Well Wishers Helped Him Return To Haryana As Dhoni Wasn’t In Town

While Ajay Gill was adamant about not returning home without meeting Dhoni, a local businessman, Anurag Chawla and his friends arranged for a day’s stay in Ranchi. They also booked him a flight ticket to Delhi and asked him to return when the cricketer is back in town. The superfan agreed to return and thanked the well-wishers for their noble gesture. Meanwhile, here’s a fun interview of Virat Kohli with our Chief Editor Kamiya Jani. 

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