Mumbai To Bangalore Flight Tickets Are As Cheap As ₹2000 Right Now!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Mumbai To Bangalore Flight Tickets Are As Cheap As ₹2000 Right Now!

How many times have you thought of flying to Ahmedabad or Bangalore from Mumbai but then dropped the plan just because the prices were high? Many times, right? Well not anymore. Start planning your vacation in India with your family or friends because flight prices are on a drop now. Air fares for key routes like Mumbai to Ahmedabad, Mumbai to Bengaluru, Mumbai to Jaipur and Delhi to Lucknow are now cheap. 

Price War Between Airlines

The airfare cap was eliminated on August 31 by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Following the removal of the pricing cap, there were concerns of a price war between Indian carriers. Now the reason for such low prices is enticing the passengers. Airlines are engaged in a price war to entice passengers as a result of the escalating competition in the aviation industry. The aviation turbine fuel which had increased due to the Russia Ukraine war, has now decreased by 12%. Akasa airlines which is a low cost carrier has decreased its price by 60% and following this Indigo and GoFirst also decreased the price. 

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Ministry Removes Airfare Caps

The pricing limitations prohibited airlines from charging passengers for domestic trips that lasted less than 40 minutes less than 2,900 and more than 8,800. The price caps limit the rates a supplier may demand for the supply. The Center had put lower and upper caps on the prices charged by domestic flights following the statewide lock down brought on by the coronavirus. In October 2021, domestic air travel achieved its maximum operational capacity, although the restrictions persisted. The upper price constraints were implemented to protect consumers from exorbitant charges, while the lower restrictions aided the financially more precarious carriers. The price war and other reasons have caused the prices to drop which is beneficial for the customers. 

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