Mystical Blue Rice Is Gaining Popularity On Instagram & It’s Too Beautiful To Eat

by Sanjana Shenoy

Isn’t rice just the best? Most of can’t even imagine a meal without rice. Whether it’s khichdi, biryani or just sambhar rice, it’s 100 per cent comfort food. It digests so easily and fills your heart and belly with oodles of warmth. Rice lovers devour white rice, occasionally have brown rice and definitely heard of black rice. But is blue rice something you’d have ever imagined? Well, blue rice also known as Nasi Kerabu is commonly eaten in Malaysia and Thailand. Prepared from butter pea flowers that give blue and purple hues, this mystical blue rice is creating an ocean of waves on Instagram.

Nasi Kerabu Or Blue Rice Is Taking Instagram By Storm

When it comes to Asian cuisine, blue rice is nothing new. It’s been there for quite some time. But the striking sky blue colour of the rice has made people take notice, and admire its extravaganza. Nasi Kerabu is widely prepared and consumed in Malaysia and Thailand. Mixologists often use the butterfly pea flower to gives drinks its blue and purple hue. But it’s only in recent times that many restaurants in the city have started introducing blue rice in its menus.

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Blue Rice Is Prepared With Butterfly Pea Flower

According to Entertainment Times, part of TOI, Chef Tarun Sibal serves Blue Rice with Yellow Tofu Curry at his restaurant. The chef gave instructions on how you can prepare this rice at the comfort of your home. Firstly, you must take a cup of Jasmine rice and cook it like regular rice. Then add a handful of butterfly pea flower. The chef states to Entertainment Times, “You will need a lot of blue pea flower so that the rice gets the blue colour. Since it is fragrant rice, personally, I prefer to pair it with Asian flavours. So, an Asian curry with mild flavour is definitely a good choice.”

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Butterfly pea flower rice or Blue rice is loaded with antioxidants. it helps detoxify one’s body and enriches the skin texture as well. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. It’s linked to reducing cases of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. While these are the benefits of blue rice, this gorgeous looking rice definitely has our hearts. Even Bollywood actress, Jacqueline Fernandez recently indulged it while dining with her friends. If you love Thai food, here’s a fun recipe for restaurant-style Khao Soi curry. Bon Appetit!