10 Mouth-Watering Street Foods Of Indore You Just Can’t Miss Out

street food in indore
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 4440

If you’re a die-hard foodie who enjoys roaming the streets to devour hot rustic street food, then Indore must absolutely be on your go-to list. The street food of this city in Madhya Pradesh has its roots in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Mahrashtra. Yet, it maintains a distinct taste with jam-packed flavours. While you often plan on visiting Delhi or Mumbai for its scintillating street food, if you haven’t planned a trip to Indore yet, then what have you been upto? So, here are 10 delicious street foods of Indore you can’t miss out on.

1. Garadu

When in Indore, especially during winters, garadu toh definitely banta hai! This street food is nothing but yams deep fried and crisped to perfection. The root of the yam is cut and fried twice before its tossed in spices and lime juice. This is a crunchy winter special snack that’s a street food delicacy like no other. Garadu will surely give you a run for the money.

street food in indore

Picture Credits: neetainkitchen.com

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2. Bhutte Ki Kees

Bhutta lovers! Here’s a twist to the traditional bhutta you might have never expected. Indore’s Bhutte Ki Kees involves mashing boiled corn with ghee and then mixing it with spices and besan. This delicious and rich street food dish will truly make your mouth water. One of the best places to indulge in this is Joshi Dahi Bada House.

street food in indore

Picture Credits: archanaskitchen.com

3. Moong Bhajiya

Forget onion pakoras, when you can try out Indore’s special Moong Bhajiya. Prepared from fried moong dal, served hot and crispy, Moong Bhajiya warms your soul. Pair it with tea and you’re good to go. Locals love to savour moong bhajiyas as an evening snack that goes great with chai. It’s super addictive, but it’s worth the indulgence.

street food in indore

Picture Credits: manjulaskitchen.com

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4. Poha Jalebi

Poha undoubtedly tops everyone’s favourite breakfast list. But Indori poha is another ball game altogether. Visit the streets of Indore to feast on poha jalebi here. Here, poha is topped with Indori sev, coriander and a dash of lemon. It’s served with hot crispy jalebis. So you can have a great balance of texture and taste in your meal. After all, you must have breakfast like a king right?

street food in indore

Picture Credits: pinterest/Neha Ramneek Kapoor

5. Dal Bafla

If Rajasthan has dal batti, then Indore has dal bafla. This baked dish might be similar to its Rajasthani counterpart, but it also tastes quite different. Dal bafla is prepared with wheat, curd and spices. It’s made into round balls and immersed in water before boiling. This balanced and healthy dish is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. When you take a bite, it will melt in your mouth.

street food in indore

Picture Credits: Youtube/ Shalini’s Kitchen

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6. Kulfi Falooda

For all you dessert lovers, how can you end your meal without something meetha right? Well, in Indore, you will never have to. After all, kulfi falooda is just the mithai you’d crave for to help you digest your heavy street food meal.  This dish, a combination of creamy kulfi with saffron laced falooda is instantly refreshing on a hot summer day. It’s cold, sweet and has an interesting texture, leaving you asking for more.

street food in indore

Picture Credits: Youtube/ Foody Mads

7. Khatta Samosas

The sheer pleasure of biting into a piping hot crunchy samosa filled with spicy aloo filling is unparalleled. Every street food trail is incomplete without feasting on deep fried snacks. In Indore, all you have to do is try out khatta samosas. This samosa, true to its name is tangier than any other samosa you might have tasted. Served with the signature chutney, this sour samosa has the right balance of tangy and sweetness. Meanwhile, visit another city in Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur through this video below. 

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8. Mawa Bati

A gulab jamun for the kings, mawa bati is Indore’s larger than life dessert. This is the like the elder brother of gulab jamun. It’s larger in size. And that’s not all, once you bite into it you can taste the rich flavours of dry fruits and nuts. Mawa bati is a shahi dessert that will end your meal on a sweet and rich note. Heaven has another name, and that’s mawa bati.

street food in indore

Picture Credits: cookpad

9. Khopra Patties

Khopra or coconut patties is a street food dish unique to Indore. these are not your regular aloo tikkis. Here, potato tikkis are filled with grated coconut and it’s then deep fried. Khopra patties have a crunchy crust thanks to the deep-fried coconut and spices, that enhances its taste. Pair it with the tangy red chutney and let the blend of flavours and textures make your day.

street food in indore

Picture Credits: herewebuy.org

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10. Jaleba

From paneer jalebi to khoya jalebi, you might have tried it all, but jaleba is truly the baap of all jalebis. This is a humongous jalebi that’s truly massive in size. So, do make room in your tummy for this big dessert. You can even get a friend with you to help you finish it. Jaleba is a meal and dessert rolled in one after all!

Street food fans! These are the 10 delicious street foods you must devour in Indore. Go on a culinary journey to enrich your hearts and tummies with food like no other.

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