6 Dishes Across The World That Are Made With Blood & We’re Not Kidding

dishes made from blood
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 3156

“One man’s food is another man’s poison”, similarly, “Blood for some people, might be an ingredient for others”. Didn’t get us? Well, blood, one of the most unconventional ingredients is used by many cultures across the world. And while this may sound revolting to you, this has actually been part of culinary history across centuries in many countries. To pique your curiosity, here are 6 dishes across the world that are made of blood.

1. Blood Rice  Or Jadoh From Shillong, India

Shillong in India is home to a unique dish, Jadoh, or blood rice which is prepared using chicken or pork blood. Biryani lovers can give this dish a try. But the only difference between Biryani and Jadoh is the fact that it’s prepared by the Khasi tribe by pouring pork of chicken blood. Sometimes, they also add pork fat for extra taste. Apart from Jadoh, people in Shillong also feast on Doh Snam or blood sausages, prepared from seasoning pork intestines in blood.

dishes made from blood

Picture Credits: meghalayatravelogue.com

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2. Blood Pancakes From Sweden

Pancakes with Maple Syrup might be your favourite breakfast. But in Sweden, pancakes have a bloody spin to it. Blodplättar is a famous dish in Sweden, which is nothing but pancakes prepared with animal blood. Regular pancake batter is enhanced by adding animal blood, onion and spices. They are then formed as thinner, smaller and chewier crepe-like pancakes. Top the dark brown coloured pancakes with lingonberry jam, and voila you have blood pancakes!

dishes made from blood

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3. Blood Tofu From China

If you thought tofu is all things vegan and vegetarian then the Chinese would probably disagree. After all, China is home to blood tofu, prepared from fresh blood from pig, duck or chicken. The blood is allowed to become semi-solid. It’s then chopped into rectangular pieces and cooked. This tofu apparently has medicinal properties and it’s rich in nutritional value. They are often served on sticks or used as a subtle flavour to add nutrition and texture to various dishes.

dishes made from blood

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4. Snake Blood Wine From Vietnam

You might have indulged in liquor made from grapes, cashew, coconut and other fruits, but have you ever heard of a drink made from snake’s blood? Well, it exists and how in Vietnam. Snake blood wine is a delicacy in Vietnam. The blood from the snake is squeezed out and poured into glasses filled with rice wine. It’s served warm. You can try this out in Hanoi, a city famous for its snake restaurants, where customers devour dishes made from different body parts of the snake.

dishes made from blood

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5. Sanguinaccio Dolce From Italy

Chocolate and blood sound like a passionate affair. But getting the best of both these worlds is something only Italy asks for. Sanguinaccio dolce is an Italian pudding made from pig’s blood. It’s made creamy and sweetened with chocolate, milk. raisins, sugar and pine nuts. Italians then cook it into a velvety dark chocolate pudding that will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth and blood lust all in one.

dishes made from blood

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6. Boat Noodles From Thailand

Thailand’s boat noodles use the blood from duck, pig or goose to give the broth a dark hue. It’s called boat noodles as vendors would earlier prepare and serve the noodles in boats in the canal. The noodle soup is luscious, dark and thick from the blood used, which also adds an umami flavour to the dish. Boat noodles is served seafood, meat and lots of veggies.

dishes made from blood

Picture Credits: saveur.com

So, these are some of the most interesting dishes from across the world prepared from blood. If you’re blood thirsty and want to try out the dietary preferences of a vampire, then you can give these a go the next time you plan your travel adventures.

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