Paris Will Switch Off Eiffel Tower Lights Earlier To Cut Down Energy Consumption

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Paris Will Switch Off  Eiffel Tower Lights Earlier To Cut Down Energy Consumption

No one will ever disagree with the fact that the Eiffel Tower looks mesmerising at night. The lights that illuminate the entire structure is a site to behold. But now the structure will be illuminated an hour less. Yes, the Paris Mayor announced on Tuesday that the lights of the Eiffel Tower will be switched off an hour earlier than usual owing to the energy crisis in Europe. 

Eiffel Tower Lights Will Be Turned Off Earlier

Mayor Anne Hidalgo said that the beautiful and iconic tower which generally is illuminated until 1am will now be switched off . The lights on Eiffel Tower will now be switched off an hour earlier.  The reason behind this move is that Paris and many other cities in France and Europe are facing the risk of rationing, power shortages and blackouts. This time of the year is when winter walks in and it is exactly when the energy demand increases. The natural gas supply has been reduced by Russia to many European countries just because they support Ukraine. This, in turn, has left the prices of electricity and gas going high. The shrinking supply and increasing prices have forced the countries to act on various conservation measures. 

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Lights Of Other Landmarks Too Will Be Adjusted

As energy prices have risen, some European businesses have scaled back or stopped output, but the European Union is working to pass ideas to resolve the situation. Hidalgo said that the lights on Eiffel Tower will be switched off at 11:45pm just after the last visitors have visited. He also announced that other landmarks like The City Hall and Saint Jacques Tower will be turned off at 10pm. The beautiful bridges over the Seine river and the streetlights across Paris will stay on for safety reasons. The Mayor also said that she will try and push the government to adjust the lights on the Arc de Triomphe and the domed Panthéon. 

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