5 Resorts In Uttarakhand Where You Can Enjoy Breath Of Fresh Air

by Drishti
5 Resorts In Uttarakhand Where You Can Enjoy Breath Of Fresh Air

Nothing can perhaps come close to the picturesque charm that Uttarakhand boasts of. Some stunning views of the mighty Himalayas, a dash of forest greenery, with streams and rivers gurgling by spell the perfect recipe for natural bliss. As it is, such trying times call for a much-need escapade. So, here are 5 Resorts In Uttarakhand Where You Can Enjoy Breath Of Fresh Air:

1.Sterling, Mussoorie

This luxury resort in Uttarakhand is located at the tip of a cliff from where you can bask in the panoramic view of Doon valleys. From such a quiet, charming location, you can also see the ruffles of clouds wave by your window. But, that’s not it! The Sterling Resort in sits at a location from where you can see the winter line, a phenomenon unique that’s visible in Mussoorie and part of Switzerland.

The best of it all: Luxurious rooms that let you catch a glimpse of the mesmerizing winter line and the surrounding hills!
Address: Radha Bhawan Estate, Circular Road, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179

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2. Aloha On The Ganges, Rishikesh

Looking for a spiritual getaway amid nature’s laps? Head to Aloha On The Ganges, an exquisite spa resort on the banks of Ganga! Imagine waking up in the laps of nature, with the beautiful morning sun greeting you. Now add the breeze waving through the Himalayan valleys, and the song of the gurgling waters of the Ganga. So dreamy! For your relaxation fix, you can also try out their rejuvenating spas at this resort in Uttarakhand.

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Picture Credits: Aloha on the Ganges

The best of it all: The resort has a splendid Infinity Pool overlooking the mighty Ganga!
Address: National Highway 58, Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249192

3. The Goat Village, Nag Tibba

This dreamy eco-resort in Uttarakhand sits at a height of some 7,700 feet in the Himalayas. The Goat Village offers its guests an authentic experience of the Garhwali life. You get to live inside Garhwali-style cottages, try out local delicacies, and even milk the goats. These cottages have a rustic charm to them, and some of the furniture in there is 1000 years old! What better way to stay connected to nature and learn about culture?!

The best of it all: The stunning views of the mighty Himalayas, and interaction with locals!
Address: Nag Tibba, Pantwari, Uttarakhand 249186

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Picture Credits: Jay Pandya

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4. Taj Corbett Resort & Spa, Ramnagar

Looking for a resort in Uttarakhand to get your fix of nature and adventure? Head to the Taj Corbett Resort & Spa in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand! This splendid retreat is located on the banks of river Kosi, with towering deodar and sal trees sitting all around.  What’s more?  You also get to go for forest trails, or camp amid wilderness! And if you’re looking for a change of company, meet some elephants, deer, leopards, and tigers on a safari!

The best of it all: Nothing beats the scent of pine trees and a warm cup of chai!
Address: Zero Garjia, Dhikuli Ram Nagar, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand 244715

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Picture Credits: tajhotels.com

5. The Tattva Resort, Joshimath

This exquisite resort in Uttarakhand sits at the foothills of Joshimath, and is perfect for those who love the outdoors. With winter just round the corner, you can bask in some stunning views of the snow-capped Himalayas from this retreat. The Tattva Resort also offers a range of outdoor activities and adventurous experiences you can go for!

The best of it all: The Valley of Flowers, a spectacular floral paradise, is close by.
Address: NH 58, Joshimath, Uttarakhand 246443

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Picture Credits: The Tattva/ Facebook

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Well, that rounds up our list of 5 Resorts In Uttarakhand where you relax and escape all your blues! Don’t forget to check all the rules and precautions issued by the resorts, as well as the government. Stay safe!