Street Food Trail: Top Street Food To Try At India Gate

by Tonakshi Kalra
Street Food Trail: Top Street Food To Try At India Gate

India Gate, the pride of Delhi tops the bucket list of every tourist visiting India. This majestic monument is a war memorial to 82,000 soldiers of our Indian Army.  It was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. The Amar Jawan Jyoti is burning underneath the arch of the India Gate, in the honour of our martyrs. Families usually visit here for a picnic during breezy evenings or calming nights. India Gate is a visual treat for everyone, especially at nights, the monument is beautifully lit up. There are many street food options one can try during their India Gate tour. Here is our list of the Top Street Food To Try At India Gate.

1. Chuski

Summer is the best season to gorge on some chilled ice chuski. At India Gate, you will find an ample number of thhelas and stalls selling chuski. But it’s Shikara Lovely Chuski that is the most popular there. It’s open till late at night. Many people visit India Gate during one of those late night drives to especially have their chuski. And the way this thhela owner catches the attention of passers-by is funny yet interesting. Some popular flavors are Kaala Khatta, Rose flavor chuski and Mango flavour chuski.

Image credits: Instagram Webviewer

Address: Mansingh Road, India Gate, New Delhi 110001
Timings: 8 pm to 1 am 

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2. Roasted Corn

The good old Bhuttas is a much-loved street snack across Delhi. You can find them roasted or boiled at most of the lanes in the capital. During the Monsoon season, what’s better than a hot bhutta with a cup of chai. Roasted corn on the cob garnished with the perfect amount of spices truly brings the desiness in you. Now that your mouth is watering visit India Gate, to gorge on chatpata Bhuttas.

Image credits: My incredible recipe

3. Gol Gappa Chaat

At India Gate, you can treat your palate to the best street food. Spicy gol gappas, bhalle papdi, chatpati chaat papdi and crunchy aloo tikki are some of the delicious snacks to satisfy all your street food cravings. You can go to India Gate any time for a quick bite and enjoy these lip-smacking snacks.

Image credits: Youtube/Veggie recipe house

4. Ram Laddoo

Ram laddoos are nothing but Moong Dal laddoos which are very famous at India Gate. You can see many people gorging these at tiny thhelas which they move from place to place. These moong dal laddoos are scrumptious and served with grated radish, masala and pudina chutney. Delicious right?

Image credits: Youtube/Flavours of food

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5. Bhelpuri

Bhelpuri is a savoury snack that has a unique essence of its own. It’s one street food that is widely accepted by almost everyone. Bhelpuri is a type of chaat which is made of puffed rice, vegetables and a tangy tamarind sauce. This is something you shouldn’t miss when you’re at India Gate. You’ll see a number of Bhelpuri stalls here. It comes with a variety including- Sev puri, Dahi puri and so on. So Bhelpuri is definitely a safe and good option for those who don’t like experimenting with street food.

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6. Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy has a funny and common name among Delhiites. It’s ‘Buddhi ke baal’. Whether we adults accept it or not, but we all love this cute little thing since we were kids. The way it melts in our mouth and brings a smile on our face, make this one irresistible candy. This is one of the things you will find all around India Gate.

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7. Chana Garam Jor or Roasted Chickpea

This is undoubtedly the most famous snack that you’ll find at India Gate. These chanas are served hot in a cone shaped paper with some special spices of its own. We bet you can’t ignore it and will end up having one. It costs around ₹10 per cone.

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8. Paan

Paan is something that some eat for recreation and others eat as a mouth freshner. And the best time to have it, is after dinner. So how about a late night drive to India Gate to try these Meetha, Chocolate, Ice Paan and many more.

Image credits: Youtube/Omniscreen

9. Ice Cream

I scream, you scream and we all scream for Ice cream.. You are not a Dilliwala if you have never seen lanes full of Ice creams. From Mother Dairy to Cream Bell to Havmor, you name it and it’s there. It’s very satisfying when you just sit under the open sky, eating your favourite Ice-cream with a beautiful view of the lit India Gate.

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