Taj Mahal, Museums And Other ASI Monuments Shut Over Fears Of Coronavirus

by Gizel Menezes
Taj Mahal, Museums And Other ASI Monuments Shut Over Fears Of Coronavirus

The tourism industry in India has been badly hit due to the spread of the coronavirus. The entire tourism chain spread across hotels, travel agents, tour operations, destinations, restaurants, entertainment venues and transportation has been facing huge losses. According to industry chamber CII, this is one of the worst crises ever to hit the industry.

Coronavirus Shuts The Iconic Taj Mahal

And now, amidst coronavirus fears, the monument of love, The Taj Mahal, which is one of the most visited monuments in the world, and which receives a footfall of nearly 70,000 people every day, will be shut down. The Minister of Culture, Prahlad Padad, announced in a tweet that all ASI-monuments and central museums will be shut till March 31 in view of the spread of coronavirus. This is the third time in history that the monument has been shut – the first after the 1971 war with Pakistan and second, after the 1978 floods.

With the spread of the virus in Uttar Pradesh, where the current positive cases stand at 12, the number of visitors at the Taj Mahal was anyway on the decline during the past few days. Visitors were being screened and wear advised to wear masks. Domestic as well as international tourists were cancelling their bookings as India put an official travel ban on International tourists entering the country.

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Image Courtesy: The Week

What Is The Government Doing To Contain The Spread Of Coronavirus?

However, the move comes at a significant time as India battles to keep its numbers under control. The COVID-19-positive cases in India stand at 114 currently, with 3 deaths reported in Karnataka, Delhi and Maharashtra, very recently.

The RBI, in an emergency meeting, has announced that it would boost cash injections into financial markets by one trillion rupees ($13.5 billion) to address the economic impact of the pandemic. It also announced some measures to stabilise the rupee.

India has now also suspended all incoming tourists, and has decided to bar passengers flights from the European Union, the European Free Trade Association, Turkey and the United Kingdom from Wednesday.

Travellers coming from or transiting through the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine when they arrive in India.

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