The Biking Trail In Kashmir’s Verinag Treats You With Insane Views

by Sanmita A
The Biking Trail In Kashmir’s Verinag Treats You With Insane Views

Verinag in Kashmir is a picturesque valley where the Jhelum flows. Considering its terrain and views, it is most appropriate for road travellers. While visiting Verinag, you can also see the forest mountains, the quaint town and beyond. Verinag is the place that’ll move you with its natural beauty, sights, historical monuments, and mythological references. With the immense potential to attract nature lovers, Verinag is also a site that has drawn much attention from adventure enthusiasts. To be precise, trekking and biking buffs will be awed by the insane and spectacular views that Verinag has to offer!

Verinag Biking Trail Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

Passing through high-altitude roads, incredible views of the rolling mountains, blue skies, and mountain animals, cycling through this route will give you the chills. With unfathomable depths, this trail is around narrow mountain roads. Even if you’re an expert, these well-built roads will challenge you. So get ready to cycle through some tough roads & at the end of it, soak in all the beauty these Verinag valleys offer.

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What Else Can You Expect At This Valley In Kashmir?

After your adventure stints, there are tourist spots that you can visit which have historical references. Like the Mughal Garden, with a deep tank and smaller springs in its premises. Take a stroll through the garden, walk around and explore the garden. And watch the lovely views before reaching Jawahar Tunnel.

Located in the Anantnag district, Verinag is 83 km away from Srinagar. To reach there, you can fly to the Srinagar airport or even take the rail to reach the valley by road finally.

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