The Kalka-Shimla Train Takes You On the World’s Most Scenic Trail Across 15 Stations For ₹500

kalka-shimla train
by Sanjana Shenoy

The Kalka-Shimla train ride is back, taking you on the world’s most scenic trail. The hop-on, hop-off Kalka-Shimla train service takes you across the UNESCO World Heritage Site of 96.6 km narrow-gauge railway section built by the British in 1903.  This over 118-year-old railway section was also listed under the ‘Mountain Railways Of India’. With 103 tunnels and 800 bridges built in just three years, it was seen as an engineering marvel. The Kalka-Shimla heritage train has restarted, here’s what you must know about it.

Kalka-Shimla Heritage Train In Himachal Takes You On A Splendid Journey

The Ambala Division of the Northern Railway Zone launched a hop-on, hop-off Kalka-Shimla train service on a single ticket, that’s valid for a full calendar year. The toy trains were discontinued this March due to the Covid second wave, that reduced occupancy in the train to nil. While the train rides were always joyous, the Kalka-Shimla train now travels through 16 stations before finally reaching the beautiful, Shimla. Purchase a single ticket and visit all the attractions on the Kalka-Shimla rail section.

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Ticket Prices For Adults & Children On Kalka-Shimla Heritage Train

According to Outlook India, the ticket price for an adult on the Kalka-Shimla heritage train service for one-day costs ₹500. And for a child age 5 to 12 years it costs ₹250.  For two calendar days, the fare is ₹800 and ₹400 for adults and children respectively. For a three-day trip the train fare will amount to ₹1000 for adults and ₹500 for children. Passengers can board or deboard at any station depending on the availability of seats and the schedule of the train. Apart from the 96km gorgeous rail route, passengers can also enjoy internet facility at all fifteen stops. When you visit Shimla, apart from the Kalka-Shimla train, here are 5 tourist spots you must visit.