Tom Cruise Performs A Death-Defying Airborne Biplane Stunt; Fans Stunned

by Sushmita Mahanta
Tom Cruise Performs A Death-Defying Airborne Biplane Stunt; Fans Stunned

Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise is known for pulling off death-defying stunts for his films. And recently a viral video showing Tom atop an airborne biplane without any harness has stunned fans. Yes, you heard it right! The actor was holding the biplane with one hand while addressing his fans with the other during the screening of Top Gun Maverick at CinemaCon. On September 5, Erik Davis took to his Twitter handle to share the video and since then fans have gone berserk. Everyone feels it’s impossible to perform such a spine-chilling stunt but as they say, when it’s Tom Cruise there’s no mission impossible.

Tom Cruise Introduced The Upcoming Film Of Mission Impossible Franchise From Atop Airborne ‘43 Biplane

Tom Cruise is currently busy with his upcoming film Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1 and a viral video related to the film that surfaced recently has taken the internet by storm! Recently Erik Davis shared on Twitter how Tom went on top of the biplane to introduce his upcoming film Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1 on CinemaCon during April. He wrote, “Fun Fact: The very first public screening of #TopGunMaverick    was at #CinemaCon back in April, and this is how Tom Cruise introduced the film…” The video attached to Erik’s tweet opens up with Tom on an airborne biplane at quite a height, addressing the camera that’s filming him from another plane. Tom Cruise is seen completely harness-free and is just holding onto the camera rig with one hand. The video then shows Director Christopher McQuarrie also flying by in another biplane, to inform Cruise that they must resume production and it’s then that the clip ends. But the ending is the scariest part and fans couldn’t believe their eyes. As the biplane flies away, Top Cruise stands up still holding on with just one hand! That’s crazy yet commendable! Take a look at the video:

Fans React To Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible Stunt

After Erik Davis’s video went viral, fans took to the comment section to express their disbelief at Tom Cruise being able to pull off such a death-defying stunt. The Mission Impossible stunt has left fans stunned and their reactions are totally relatable. One user wrote, “It was fun but I really missed him being their live, his passion for his craft is simply amazing. He may be a bit nuts on a lot of things, but he gets movie making,” while another tweeted, “Can’t wait until next year, when he unveils Dead Reckoning Part II.” But there was one comment that we could relate to the most and it said, “Keeping everything still is impressive… the big turn downwards is jaw dropping. Tom Cruise is out here delivering merely on the promotion. Love that McQ is his companion throughout all this.”

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