Tourists Need To Know About These Updates On Al Hosn App

by Ishita Agarwal
Tourists Need To Know About These Updates On Al Hosn App

Every tourist, ex-pat, and UAE citizen knows the need to download and use the Al Hosn smartphone application. We formerly used it to enter government offices, educational facilities, our favourite Dubai tourist spots, and even when travelling between Emirates. See our comprehensive tutorial on everything you need to know about the app if you want to brush up on your Al Hosn knowledge. 

What Are The New Features Al Hosn App? 

Al Hosn recently made two updates for guests, locals, and citizens that you need to be aware of. First, the Al Hosn mobile application will now allow visitors to the UAE to log in by providing their passport numbers before entering the country, per the most recent update. 

A COVID-19 PCR test taken every 14 days will grant fully immunised tourists a green pass on the Al Hosn app. Tourists who do not have a green pass on the app must undergo a COVID-19 PCR test every 48 hours. If they are not fully vaccinated, are only partially vaccinated, or have vaccination certificates that are no longer valid in the UAE.

Al Hosn earlier disclosed a different update for locals and citizens in addition to this one for tourists. UAE residents and citizens can now access the app by logging in with their digital identities from UAE Pass. 

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How Can We Login Into App? 

There is no requirement for one-time passwords when using the UAE Pass applications to log into Al Hosn for citizens and residents (OTP). However, as the UAE Pass and OTP contain sensitive personal information, Al Hosn declared that you should not share it with anyone.

The Al Hosn app also advised users to use caution when sharing their Al Hosn green passes online because they contain personal information that could be compromised and misused. 

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