UAE Residents & Citizens CANNOT Travel Abroad For Leisure This Summer

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
UAE Residents & Citizens CANNOT Travel Abroad For Leisure This Summer

The UAE announced a set of rules for residents and citizens traveling abroad. For starters, the country has not yet permitted travel for leisure and tourism. On 1 July, UAE authorities outlined procedures for people wishing to leave the country. Residents traveling abroad this summer must apply for a permit from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. Besides they must also adhere to all the rules and regulations in the destination country.

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Rules For UAE Residents & Citizens Traveling Abroad This Summer

All residents and citizens traveling out of the UAE this summer, must apply for a permit from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. Permission will be granted or denied depending on the risk level of the country and the purpose of the journey. Those traveling for medical treatments, studies, business trips, diplomatic missions, humanitarian reasons and those who want to return to their home countries will be granted permission.

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The relaxation of restrictions for foreigners who visit Thailand will be done in three phases:

  1. Phase One: Business travelers, investors, skilled workers, people with Thai family members, teachers, etc.
  2. Phase Two: Medical tourism travelers
  3. Phase Three: General tourists

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Travel Documents For Applicants

All those applying for the permits must pay AED 50 as well as submit a set of travel documents. Application must be filed through the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority website well before departure. People with chronic illnesses and those over the age of 70 are discouraged from travelling unless the trip is for medical treatment. Further, all travellers must take a PCR Covid-19 test within 48 hours of leaving the UAE and present a medical certificate to prove they are clear of the virus before boarding.

In addition, travellers must also fill a health status form at the airport or on their airline’s website.

1. Traveling For Medical Reasons

Documents Needed: Copy of ID card, residency and passport, a copy of the medical committee’s approval.

2. Students

Documents Needed: Copy of ID card, residency and passport and a no objection letter issued by the Ministry of Education.

3. Business/work trips

Documents Needed: Copy of ID card, residency and passport. Those traveling on job assignments must carry a letter from the employer proving invitations or contracts.

4. Humanitarian cases

Documents Needed: Copy of ID card, residency and passport and a certificate proving illness or death of the first degree relative.

Rules For Residents Returning To The UAE

Residents should also apply for an entry permit before coming back to UAE. Tickets can be booked only after approval. All travellers must fill a ‘Health Declaration’ form prior to landing at DXB. All passengers must download the Al Hosn mobile application and activate the same. A Covid test will be conducted at the airport. This will be followed by a 14-day home quarantine for those returning from high risk countries and a 7-day quarantine for low-risk countries.

Residents Returning To The UAE Need Pre-Departure Covid Test

The UAE government announced a new rule for all residents returning to the country. Pre-departure Covid tests are now mandatory for all those returning to the UAE with a valid residence permit. The new rule will be effective from 1 July. In addition, the test must be conducted 72 hours prior to departure and must be done ONLY in one of the government accredited laboratories.

Passengers who fail to carry a negative covid test 72 hours before departure will not be permitted to travel. The Covid test can be carried out in an accredited laboratory, currently found in 106 cities across 17 countries. More test centers will be added in the coming weeks.

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In case of travelers coming from a country that does not have an accredited laboratory, test will be done upon arrival. Passengers will then be directed for a 14-day quarantine. Individuals will bear all costs for tests and quarantine. Meanwhile, here are 5 hotels where you can quarantine in Dubai.