Uttarakhand To Give ₹1000 Off To Tourists On Hotel Bookings To Boost Tourism

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1801

In order to boost tourism, many hotels have introduced vouchers discounts and attractive offers. Similarly, Uttarakhand tourism department launched a pilot project where tourists will get discount coupons worth ₹1000 for their stay in hotels. , Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj announced this as a way to boost tourism in the state. Meanwhile, a foreign tourist yelled at a policeman in the state after getting reprimanded for not wearing a mask. 

Uttarakhand Govt To Give Tourists ₹1000 Discount On E-Booking Of Hotels & Homestay Bookings

Uttarakhand tourism department took this decision to launch the Tourist Incentive Coupon (TIC) scheme during a cabinet meeting on September 4.  The government hopes that TIC shall boost the tourism industry which severely took a hit due to the travel restrictions during the COVID-19 lockdown. Uttarakhand thrives on tourism. It’s a source of revenue and employment generation for the Himalayan state. This discount scheme comes into effect within the next few days.

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Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj announced that this voucher of ₹1000  will be available for tourists who will do e-booking for their stay in homestays or hotels in Uttarakhand. Maharaj announced to media houses “The tourists will be given the discount coupon while registering themselves on the government portal under tourist category. They will then be able to use the coupon during their stay in a hotel or homestay in the tourist spots of the state.”

Uttarakhand Government Will Reimburse Discounted Amount To Hotel & Homestay Owners

He also said “The tourist will have to provide his Aadhaar card details while registering to avail the coupon and have to stay for minimum three days in the hotel or homestay. The scheme will also apply for the Char-Dham pilgrims.” Maharaj announced that under this scheme tourists will get a discount of ₹1000 or 25% of the hotel charge per day, whichever is less. The government shall reimburse the discounted amount to hotel and homestay owners within 15 days on producing necessary documents with regard to the bill charged from the tourist.

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This is currently a pilot project. They will launch this for one month costing the government around ₹2.70 crores. On being successful it will get an extension for two more months. Meanwhile, go on a virtual tour of Uttarakhand’s  Jim Corbett National Park through this fun video. 

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