5 Amazing Things To Experience In Conoor

by Vinita Jain
by Vinita Jain 171

Coonoor is a picturesque hill station in Nilgiris Hills. It is located nearby Kerala and Karnataka’s borders. It is about some 17kms away from Ooty. Coonoor is like a cold breeze that you love during summers. It’s like a hidden gem in India. Not only this Coonoor is the quintessential hill station with breathtaking views of hills, valleys, waterfalls, and a lot more. This hill station is one of the top places to visit the tea plantations in India. Coonoor can be the best vacation spot this year or it can be a weekend getaway option too.

What To Do In Conoor?

1. Dolphin Nose

Dolphin Nose in Coonoor is a tremendous viewpoint amidst the Nilgiris Hills of Tamil Nadu. This tourist attraction is 1500km above sea level. It is named as Dolphin Nose because the tip of its peak resembles a dolphin’s nose. This point serves you with a panoramic view of Catherine’s waterfalls and tea estates. The entrance fee is Rs. 10 and the camera charges are 20 bucks.

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Dolphin’s Nose also has a chai ki tapri which just adds to the weather.

2. Tiger Hill Cemetery

This Cemetery is an isolated place from the city. Although Tiger Hill Cemetery has a haunted vibe, this place also has the most scenic view of tea estates and the valley. For all the Bollywood lovers, this place is a tad bit more significant as the melodious song Bolna of Kapoor and Sons was shot here. Tiger Hill Cemetery is an unexplored hidden gem of Coonoor.

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3. Law’s Falls

Law’s Falls is 7km outside Coonoor. Comes on the Mettupalayam-Coonoor-Ooty route. This is an ideal tourist attraction spot of Coonoor. The water falls from a height of 180 feet above sea level and then merges into a beautiful pool. The lush green Law Fall’s surroundings make this place even more serene.

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4. Highfield Tea Factory

It is mandated if you are visiting Nilgiris, you need to visit the Tea Factory. As you enter the tea estate, you’ll smell the fresh tea that’s brewed there. You can actually look and learn about the whole process of tea making. You can even buy fresh tea, chocolates, and eucalyptus oil from the estates.

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5. Trekking at Hidden Valley

For those who are looking for some adventure, Coonoor also offers an exciting trek through the town’s mysterious rainforests. Not just trekking, the Hidden valley also has Mountaineering and rock climbing for adventure enthusiasts.

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6. Cafes in Coonoor

Trying out cafes in a hill station is inescapable. The list is so long but the two must-try Cafes are

7. Café Coffee Bean

This café shares a very calm and cozy vibe. They serve absolute fresh, piping hot, appetizing food. To add to the list don’t forget to grab a bite of their homemade cakes, they are worth trying.

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8. Café Diem

Café diem is a small exotic café in Coonoor. They have a huge menu serving absolute delicacies. The highlight of this café is its ambiance and its aura.


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