70% of Indians Can’t Afford Healthy Diet, 1.7 Million Die Every Year: Reports

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
70% of Indians Can’t Afford Healthy Diet, 1.7 Million Die Every Year: Reports

We have seen our friends or family members give up on some food items and begin following a diet. They follow a diet so that they can lead a better and healthier life ahead. But did you know? Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) and Down to Earth magazine issued a report which revealed that in India, 70% of people cannot afford a healthy diet and about 1.7 million die every year. 

Unaffordable Healthy Diet For Indians

A healthy diet for an individual must have fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains. But contrary to what a healthy diet is actually, Indians have a diet which is high in processed meat, red meat, and sugary drinks. Their consumption of red meat, fish and dairy is up to the mark but that does not qualify as a healthy diet. If a healthy diet’s cost goes above 63 per cent of a person’s income, then it is unaffordable for him. The Global Nutrition Report 2021 said that the global average of an unaffordable healthy diet is 42 per cent. 

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Analysis Of Food Prices

The consumer food price index last year had seen a 327 per cent rise last year while the consumer price index which included CFPI saw a rise of 84 per cent. Extreme disruptions due to weather, rising international crop prices and increasing cost of production are the reason for the increased food inflation. Inflation has risen at high rates in rural areas as compared to urban areas. 

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