Delhi Man Saves Lives By Donating Plasma After Losing His Parents To Covid-19

by Tonakshi Kalra
Delhi Man Saves Lives By Donating Plasma After Losing His Parents To Covid-19

Coronavirus has changed everyone’s lives completely. Due to the deadly disease, many people have lost their loved ones too. There’s one such man named Mr. Subhash Nagpal, who stays in Delhi NCR’s Faridabad. This pandemic has left such a devastating effect on his family that they are not able to recover from that yet. He, along with his other 5 family members tested positive in June 2020 and unfortunately, he lost both his parents due to the disease. But even after such big tragedy, he decided to save someone else’s life by donating his plasma. He shares his entire emotional experience with us. Also, Delhi’s First Coronavirus Survivor Rohit Datta Shares His Story Of Recovery

How It All Started

This was on May 31, 2020, when my mother first told me that I’m feeling some weakness in my body. And as a part of the process, I took her to my family doctor where he suggested for a blood test. I immediately took my mother to a Diagnostic Centre in Faridabad and got her blood test done. On the same day, the report came and my family doctor told us that her haemoglobin and platelets are quite low. So it’s advisable to take her to the hospital directly and get her admitted. On the next day, as a protocol, her Covid was tested too. Unfortunately, she tested positive on June 2, 2020 and it was a shock to all of us. On that note, here’s a story of Mumbai Staff Nurse’s Story Who Tested Positive For COVID-19

Other Family Members Also Testing Positive

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The next day, when we got all our family members tested for coronavirus. Five more people were also tested positive for the same, including me. This came like a Tsunami in our family. While my mother was already struggling in hospital, we were all home quarantined. My father was also tested positive and he was quite old but we decided to take best care of him at home only.

Losing Both The Parents In Just 5 Days

On 8th June, my father felt some breathlessness. So, we immediately got him admitted to Faridabad’s local hospital ‘Sarvodaya Hospital’. But unfortunately on the morning of 9th June, he passed away. Since we were all quarantined as per coronavirus protocol, neither could we see him for the last time nor could we do his last rites. And that was the most unfortunate part for us. All this time, my mother was struggling in the hospital and she was on ventilator already, there was no way that we could inform her that my father is no more. At that moment, we just started praying for her speedy recovery.

Nothing happened as we wanted. Unfortunately, my mother also gave up and we lost her on June 14th, 2020. The same thing happened with her as well. We couldn’t meet her for the last time and her cremation was also done by my sister-in-law. I lost both my parents in just 5 days and this was the worst that could ever happen to my family.

Still A Mystery On How The Virus Entered The Family

It’s still an unsolved mystery for my family that how this virus exactly entered in my house as we have been following all precautions very strictly since the lockdown started. Nor did we go out of the house. In fact, we had taken utmost care of everyone in the family. I used to test the temperature and oxygen level through oximeter of my parents on a daily basis. And their oxygen was always 95 plus and their temperature was always less than 99. I still haven’t been to find the answer of this.

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Mother’s Ritual That The Family Now Miss

It’s been a ritual in our family that my mother used to perform havan, whenever some event or occasion used to happen in the family. This time on my birthday on July 7th, I was missing my mother so badly that if she would’ve been there now, she would’ve asked “At what time are we having havan today?” I just miss that time.

Plasma Donation & All You Need To Know About It

Plasma Donation is a process in which any healthy COVID-19 survivor, after 14 days of full recovery can donate his plasma to treat the patient who is currently infected by the virus. When I completed my 14 days in home quarantine after I tested negative, I contacted KAB Welfare Foundation in Delhi and told them that I’d like to donate plasma. And it was a mere coincidence that I completed the 14 days on my birthday only on 7th July. And then and there I thought that there cannot be a better tribute to my parents.

So the KAB Foundation directed me to the Plasma Donation Centre in Delhi and they also clubbed me with one coronavirus patient. When I went to the Centre to donate my plasma, I also had some sort of apprehension. My first impression was that any person can donate plasma only twice in a lifetime which was an absolute myth.

Procedure To Donate Plasma

When I reached there, I was told by the doctors that you can donate the plasma after 14 days and also after the next 14 days again. It was such an easy process that I never even felt any weakness. It’s much more easier than donating blood. Before allowing you to donate plasma, they first ask you to fill a detailed form asking if you’re taking some medicines, if you slept well in last 24 hours, if you’re alcoholic or diabetic or have you ever had typhoid etc.

You simply have to be healthy before you donate blood. And I’m very glad to share with you that with my plasma, someone’s 73 year old mother who was admitted in Saket’s Max Hospital got recovered and fortunately, now she must have gone back to her home healthy. I know that I couldn’t save my mother’s life, but I’m happy that I got to contribute to someone else’s life at least.

Ways Government Is Encouraging People To Donate Plasma

The government is also encouraging people to come forward to donate plasma. The moment you donate it, the doctors handover an acknowledgement certificate called ‘Gaurav Patra’ to you with your name written on it. They also give you ₹1500 as conveyance charges coming from your home to the Centre and going back.

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Family Members To Donate Plasma As A Tribute Too

Not only me, but rest of my family members who just recovered from coronavirus are willing to donate their plasma and doing their bit. We all have now decided to donate plasma, except my wife as she is diabetic. I have donated once and after 14 days or so, I’ll do it again.

I think for humanity, there cannot be a more noble cause than saving someone’s life. Also, the process is so simple and comfortable that you won’t face any issues while doing so. And I am a live example here sitting hale and hearty before you. So I’d request all the coronavirus survivors who are now feeling healthy and fine to please come forward and contribute in saving other’s lives.