Chef Vikas Khanna Trying Litti Chokha On Kolkata Streets Is The Video Of The Day. Blows Kiss To The Vendor!

by Shreya Ghosh
Chef Vikas Khanna Trying Litti Chokha On Kolkata Streets Is The Video Of The Day. Blows Kiss To The Vendor!

Vikas Khanna is one of India’s most famous chefs. Not only in the country, but he also holds a very significant position and reputation among chefs all around the world. He is appreciated by lakhs and loved by crores. Chef Vikas Khanna is a favourite of everyone. One of his recent uploads on Instagram is gaining a lot of love, especially from the foodies. He was on a hunt to find some great food in Kolkata. Did he find it finally? Well, read to know all about it.

Chef Vikas Khanna Was In Search Of Litti Chokha On Kolkata Streets

After a break of 2 years, India’s most loved cooking competition ‘Masterchef India’ is finally premiering very soon. And for the auditions for the competition, the judging panel of Season 7 with the crew was in Kolkata. The auditions took place on 24 September, Saturday at the Institute of Hotel Management. In between all the hustle and bustle of the auditions and the show, Vikas Khanna took out some time and went to a street vendor to relish on litti chokha.

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He tagged along with 2 chefs and a few more people and went to a small street shop in search of litti chokha. The video shared by him shows the group entering a vendor and greeting the man in the shop. He shared some clips on the preparation of the litti and the vendor owner serving it with chokha, chutney, and mirchi.

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His Reaction To The Food Is The Video Of The Day

Chef Khanna absolutely loved eating the food. The video clearly shows how he relished the bite of litti chokha. He also fed his friends by his own hand and everyone seemed to like it. To show his love and appreciation for the plate of litti chokha, he in fact blew a kiss to the vendor. In the caption of the video, he shared how street food inspires him to prepare dishes for his restaurant menus, books, and TV.

Lastly, are you excited to watch and learn from the new season of MasterChef? We are very excitingly waiting for it.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Vikas Khanna