Covid 19: UAE Cop Praises Medical Worker Driving Back Home After Work At 2 AM

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Covid 19: UAE Cop Praises Medical Worker Driving Back Home After Work At 2 AM

If there is one group of people we will all be eternally grateful towards, during this tough hour it is the health workers. These heroes have been there, leaving behind their family and loved ones, just to ensure we are safe. The UAE has always honored and respected the vital sector for the tireless efforts that they put in. And now, one incident that happened in Ras Al Khaimah almost had us teary-eyed.

As per the UAE rules, all residents are advised to stay at home. Strict legal action will be taken against those seen outside without a valid reason. The UAE Sterilization Programme was in full swing and Ras Al Khaimah police were patrolling along the streets in the emirate. The roads were deserted. Suddenly, they saw a white SUV coming from a distance. When enquired, they realized the driver was unaware about the new restrictions.

“Assalmu Alaikum (Peace be upon you)”- said a cop asking the driver to show his registration and license. The driver, who was wearing a face mask immediately presented his documents. Meanwhile, Staff Col Yousef S.Y. Al Zaabi, Director of Special Forces, RAK Police, who was monitoring the situation from the control room asked the RAK police why they stopped the car.

It turned out that the lady in the car was a health worker, returning home after her shift. Col Yousef S.Y. Al Zaabi immediately asked the cops to apologize to her and to send their sincere greetings and appreciation. “Please, tell her that all the people in the UAE are proud of her and that of her fellow workers in the medical sector,” he said.

The woman driver was overwhelmed at the act, and drove away with her eyes filled with tears. The officer let the driver go while saluting her.