Head To These 4 Places In Maharashtra To See Upside-Down Waterfalls This Monsoon

reverse waterfalls in maharashtra
by Sanjana Shenoy 5079

Come monsoon season, and travellers are all geared up for adventurous road trips to catch a glimpse of gushing waterfalls. While Maharashtra is home to iconic waterfalls like Thoseghar and Sahastrakund, did you know that the state also houses 4 incredible reverse waterfalls? Well, during the monsoon season, high-speed winds hit cliffs and the water goes up the way it comes. This optical illusion looks like the water is flowing backwards. So, head to these 4 places in Maharashtra to witness upside-down waterfalls with your own eyes. You’ve got to ‘sea’ it to believe it.

1. Naneghat

Naneghat is one of the most popular reverse waterfalls in India. Serious trekkers would be quite familiar with this destination. Adventure enthusiasts plan exciting trekking trips just to catch a glimpse of the stunning white cascading waterfall that does not follow the law of gravity. Go on a scenic road trip to Naneghat during the monsoon season. The historic mountain pass trade route connects the Deccan Plateau with the Konkan coast. The Naneghat waterfalls is nestled just three hours away from Mumbai, off the Malshej Ghat Road.

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2. Samrad Village

Perched in Maharashtra’s Grand Canyon Sandhan Valley, Samrad village is popular for its reverse waterfall. Located 2000 feet above, the waterfall comes alive during the monsoon season. People flock from all over the state to notice the bizarre phenomenon. Due to high-pressure winds, the water starts to flow back upwards. If you stand by the railing near this reverse waterfall you will be drenched in a minute. Samrad village is perfect for trekking, scenic photographs and of course for a memorable time by the reverse waterfall.


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3.  Kavalshet Point 

Drive up to the hills of Amboli and reach the Kavalshet Point. Dotted with endless valleys and small waterfalls, Kavalshet Point is perfect to witness a string of upside-down waterfalls. Shout out your name and listen to the sounds echoing through the mountains. Walk down the paved path along the rim and watch the reverse waterfall displaying an optical illusion, created when the winds flowing in the valley, appear to carry the water upwards.

reverse waterfalls in maharashtra

Picture Credits: mhexplorer.in

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4. Anjaneri

The scenic village of Anjaneri is known to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. Named after Hanuman’s mother, ‘Anjani’, this village has a divine and historical significance. Anjaneri situated 20 km from Nashik, has a reverse magnificent reverse waterfall on the way to the Tahuli Peak in Haji Malang. Take an Anjaneri trek and spot the waterfall which is one of the highlights here. The lush greenery, small caves and the marvellous temple dedicated to Anjani Mata are other reasons to visit this glorious place in Maharashtra.

reverse waterfalls in maharashtra

Picture Credits: Yotuube/Abhik Wadhwa

Folks in Maharashtra, when it’s safe to travel again do visit these 4 destinations to catch a glimpse of reverse waterfalls during the monsoon season.