India To Get Hydrogen Powered Trains By 2023

by Sushmita Mahanta
India To Get Hydrogen Powered Trains By 2023

Ready to hop on hydrogen powered trains? Well, India is developing hydrogen-powered trains which will be ready by the end of 2023. Yes, you heard it right! Reports of the same became viral after Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw’s speech about the same at an event in SOA University, Bhubaneswar recently. Apparently, Indian Railways is trying to connect remote locales of the country with the railway network under its Gati Shakti Terminal Policy. The Minister further reveals that work on the hydrogen powered trains is progressing fast and will be operational by the end of 2023.

Railway Minister’s Thoughts On The Hydrogen Powered Trains

The Railway Minister believes that their focus is not just on hydrogen powered trains. Speaking about the same, the Minister says, “We are also working hard on a track management system to run semi-high speed or high-speed trains.”

According to the Railway Minister, the semi-high speed train Vande Bharat Express is one of the fastest trains in the country. The train is indigenously developed in India with in-house technology.
“This train has been running smoothly for the last 2 years without any major breakdown,” says the Railway Minister.

Railway Minister Vaishnaw further says that the manufacturing of numerous other Vande Bharat Express trains at ICF Chennai is in process. These express trains will operate soon because Vande Bharat has now got the green signal from the Commissioner of Railway Safety.

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About Hydrogen-Powered Trains

Ballard Power Systems is in charge of a fuel cell module for India’s first hydrogen powered trains. These trains will integrate 8 units of 100 kW FCmoveTM-HD+, Ballard’s latest fuel cell technology. According to Ballard, the technology offers better efficiency and power density than previous module generations.
The development of hydrogen-powered trains is the first step for Indian Railways to achieve their net zero ambitions. The fuel cell modules for the same are expected to be shipped in 2023.

“We are excited to grow our fuel cell business in India. And to power the first hydrogen powered, zero emission passenger trains in the Indian market,” reveals David Mucciacciaro, Ballard Chief Commercial Officer.

Must say, the development of hydrogen powered trains is a big achievement by Indian Railways. Way to go!