Mumbai & Dubai Top Wish List For Indian Travellers Post COVID-19, As Per Recent Survey

by Natasha Monteiro
Mumbai & Dubai Top Wish List For Indian Travellers Post COVID-19, As Per Recent Survey

You know what most of us are doing through the lockdown? Well, other than complaining, cooking & incessantly washing utensils, we’re dreaming of a world where we can travel again. At least thats what a recent survey by travel site says. Indians may not be able to travel, but a whole lot of us are wish-listing our favourite travel places and Mumbai has come out as the top domestic location & Dubai the top choice in international locations. Which other places have made it to the top 5? Well, read on to know the Top Travel Locations For Indians.

Top 5 Domestic Location Choices By Indians In Lockdown

A recent study by collated all the places wish listed by Indians in March 2020 & April 2020. The result? Mumbai topped the domestic travel spot wish list & Dubai topped the international travel spot wish list. Makes sense! Both are absolutely fascinating locations.

1. Mumbai

Of course the top spot belongs to the financial capital of India with an unmatched vibrancy. With its landmarks, sight seeing spots, warm locals, the plethora of food and accommodation options, what’s not to like? If you can’t travel to Mumbai right now, that’s okay. You can still plan! Take a look at our 48 hours guide to exploring and discovering Mumbai – the city of dreams.

2. Goa

Number 2 on the domestic travel list is Goa. No surprises there! What with its balmy beaches, tree lined roads, white sands & blue water beaches.Check out my 5 Day Detailed Itinerary To The Sunshine State Of Goa. While you can’t travel to Goa right now, here’s a virtual tour to the beautiful state to give you all the right feels.

3. New Delhi

Aah Delhi! Now i’m a true blue Mumbaikar but even i have to admit that Delhi is insanely well-planned, beautiful and is a foodie haven. The capital of India has made it to the number 3 spot on the list and while you cannot possibly visit now, here’s some delicious food to get your cravings in place.

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4. Lonavala

Well, this was a little surprising! Mumbai’s cutesy neighbour Lonavala has made it to the 4th spot on the most wished for list. This tiny hill station is perfect through the year and every Mumbaikar’s favourite summer, winter & monsoon hangout spot. With beautiful vistas, and easy access to a city – what’s not to like?

PS: Don’t leave without trying some chikki!

5. Bengaluru

Beautiful Bengaluru makes it to the 5th spot. The metro is known for its great climate, stay options & iconic eateries. From filter kaapi to idli vadas to being the gateway spot to places like Hampi, what’s not to like.

Top 5 International Location Choices By Indians In Lockdown

Of course it’s not all domestic travel, these are thetop 5 international location choices. Interestingly, they are all spots that are super close to India. Take a look!

1. Dubai

Topping the international travel wish list, is the city of the highest & the biggest & the largest. I’m obviously talking about Dubai. The architectural marvel is indeed the perfect travel spot and if you’re planning a trip then do take a look at my 8 Hacks & Tips For Indians Visiting Dubai For The First Time.

2. Ubud (Bali)

Number 2 on the list is one of my favourite places in the world. Ubud is a beautiful and obvious addition to the list – what with the rice terraces, fantastic climate and laidback lifestyle. Take a look at Rohan Das’ 6-Day Family Trip To Bali. And if you’re worried about the cost of a trip to Bali, well we’ve broken it down for you.

3. Bangkok (Thailand)

Aah Thailand, our pretty little neighbour has made it to the third spot. Bangkok is cheap, has an amazing night life and there’s lots to do there. In fact, did you know that Bangkok Beat London To Emerge As Top Vacation Spot In The World? Check out the top 10 things to do in Bangkok with Curly Tales.

4. Istanbul (Turkey)

I love saying the word Istanbul. It has this quaint, old worldly cram that reminds you of a time long gone. Istanbul has made it to the number 4 spot on the international travel wish list, and all we have to say is GOOD CHOICE GUYS! Psst, here’s a food guide to Turkey for you.

5. London (UK)

Did you know that almost every Bollywood celebrity’s favourite internation travel destination is London? Well, apparently it’s not just the celebrities but quite an Indian connection. London has made it to the 5th spot on the traveller list and did you know that You May Soon Be Able To Fly From Mumbai To London In 60 Min? Country Manager, India, Sri Lanka and Maldives, Ritu Mehrotra said, “These are unprecedented and challenging times in which safety remains the top priority. We also know that in such times, dreaming about experiencing the world again has immense power to fire our imaginations and keep spirits high.”

“It’s amazing to see the array of different travel experiences our customers have been busy dreaming about while they wait for the opportunity to travel again. Building a wish list on is an inspirational way for everyone to start dreaming about travel again.”

Global travellers did have their top 5 preferences in India as well and they were:
1. New Delhi
2. Mumbai
3. Calangute (Goa)
4. Jaipur and
5. Bengaluru