5 Natural Hot Water Springs In Northern India That Are All About Incredible Views

natural hot water springs in north india
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 4098

Imagine this, you are sitting in a warm cradle of water while the air around you is chilly. You soak in your tiredness and the warm water washes away your worries as quickly as it melts the snow. That in essence is what a hot spring does to you. So what are hot springs? It is a naturally occurring groundwater that is heated from inside the earth (we will spare the complicated Geography lesson). Thankfully India is blessed with many famous hot springs but since we are mainly focusing on North India, here are some of the prominent ones. Let’s take the warm dip together, shall we?

1. Kasol In  Himachal Pradesh

We start with a well-known one. Kasol is often dubbed as a hippie town but it has more to offer. This hot spring exists in the Parvati valley and can get unnoticed by travellers. But you will be surprised to know that this hot spring is run by the government and you can enjoy facilities like showers, hot water pools amongst others. So make a checklist to enjoy a dip at this place! For now, take a virtual tour to the gorgeous hill station of Manali from the comfort of your home. 

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2. Panamik In Ladakh

This is the closest to Leh and the temperature makes it an ideal magnet to take a dip. This hot spring is located in Panamik, a village near the Siachen glacier, some 120meters away from Leh. Located at a height of 10,442, this hot spring is known for its medicinal properties. When you’re in Ladakh, don’t forget to explore the natural hot water springs of Chumathang!

natural hot water springs in north india

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3. Gaurikund In Uttarakhand

Near the holy town of Kedarnath and located on the banks of Mandakini river, is the hot springs in question. It is located at 2040 meters above sea level and is a must-visit place if you wish to rejuvenate yourself. Also, Gaurikund is popular for its natural thermal spring but has been destroyed after an earthquake. However, a small stream still flows through the village.

natural hot water springs in north india

Picture Credits: chardhamtourism.com

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4. Tatapani In Chhattisgarh

The Tatapani hot water in Chhattisgarh has located 12 km from the city of Balrampur. This place is well-known for its inexhaustible water spring consisting of a heavy flow throughout the year. Also, locals believe that bathing in this spring will end all extreme diseases. The site of the Spring is also visited by Shiva devotees during the Makar Sankranti.

natural hot water springs in north india

Picture Credits: wikipedia

5. Atri In Odisha

Atri Hot Springs is famous in Odisha and is located 15 km from the Khorda city. This hot spring is reputed to have a healing factor against skin diseases. The temperature of the water here remains at an average of 55ºC in the day. Also, the Odisha Tourism Department has built a bathing complex for the pilgrims of the Temple of Hattakeshwar. There are many reasons to visit Odisha, the jungles of Similipal is another one of them. 


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