7 Spiciest Indian Dishes That Will Challenge Your Taste Buds

spiciest Indian dishes
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 2016

Indians love their spices, there’s no doubt about it. While some of us have a low to medium tolerance for spicy food, others thrive on insanely hot dishes. Whether you huff, puff, or drink gallons of water, you will certainly reach out for another helping of that spicy dish. If you’re nodding your head in agreement, then here’s a list of some of the spiciest Indian dishes across the country.  Mind you, this list isn’t just a recommendation, but a challenge for all you spicy food lovers. So get some water, chaas and sweets and let’s get going.

1. Andhra Chilli Chicken

It isn’t a surprise that Andhra Pradesh’s cuisine is known to be super spicy and really delicious. Andhra Chilli Chicken is one hot dish prepared with green chillies, so you can imagine how spicy it will be! This boneless chicken dish is a great appetizer or a side dish to their famous biryani. The chicken is marinated, stir-fried or deep fried. It gets its taste and green colour thanks to oodles of green chillies used to spice up the taste. Do keep your glasses of water handy!

spiciest Indian dishes

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2. Rista

This lip-smacking dish belongs to the land of Kashmir. Rista is prepared from lamb meat. The spiciness from this gravy comes from oodles of red chilli powder, tomato, ginger, garlic and other spices. It’s super spicy not from the meatballs but from the way it’s cooked. Enjoy rista with buttery naan or jeera rice and you’re good to go. On a cold wintery day, this dish will surely warm your soul and your tongue.

spiciest Indian dishes

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3. Laal Maas

When you set foot in Rajasthan, Laal Maas would definitely be on your list of things to eat. Literally translating to “Red Meat” this dish is prepared with a special variety of chillies found in Rajasthan called Mathania. Mutton is slow-cooked with raw spices and whole red Mathania chillies. The preparation and ingredients used gives this rich dish a spicy, smoky flavour. The extreme hot flavoured dish has been enjoyed by Rajput warriors in the state for ages. Here are regional dishes from West India, apart from Laal Maas, that you must try. 

4. Chicken Chettinad

Tamil Nadu is known for having one of India’s spiciest preparations, the Chettinad style. This cuisine is known for its usage of fragrant spices and fresh ground masalas. Chettinad Chicken is a dish that best symbioses Chettinad cuisine. This dish is prepared with chicken cooked in a spicy blend of dried red chilli, coriander, black peppercorns, fresh coconut, cumin seeds,  poppy seeds and fennel seeds. Chicken Chettinad is one fiery dish you must sink your teeth into.

spiciest Indian dishes

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5. Kozhi Curry

What happens when you use oodles of both red and green chillies in one dish? Spice lovers will instantly fall in love with it. That’s exactly what you’d feel when you try out Kerala’s Kozhi curry. This is one of the state’s spiciest dishes that uses both red and green chillies in to literally spice things up. Kozhi curry is also called Nadan Kozhi which is a red coloured spicy chicken curry. The chicken is marinated with chilli powder, making the meat pieces and the curry equally hot.

6. Naga Pork Curry

Naga Pork curry is spicy. How spicy is it? Well, this dish uses the hottest chilli in the world, that’s Bhut Jholokia, originating from Nagaland. Naga Pork Curry is prepared with pork, bamboo shoots, exotic spices and of course Bhut Jholokia. While this dish uses pork, you can also prepare this curry with chicken or fish. Naga Pork Curry bursts with flavours and spices, it’s a delight for spicy food fans.

spiciest Indian dishes

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5. Kolhapuri Chicken

The minute you see a Kolhapuri dish on the menu, you know what you will be in for. Spice, spice and lots of spice. Maharashtra’s Kolhapur is famous for its fiery dishes and its intricate use of spices. Kolhapuri Chicken is one of the spiciest dishes in India that’s prepared with dried red chillies, garlic paste, cloves and coconut. Apart from Kolhapuri Chicken, Tambada Rassa a mutton dish will also set your tongues on fire.

spiciest Indian dishes

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So, friends, these are some of the spiciest Indian dishes you can fire up your tongue with. Take up this spicy food challenge and let’s see you survive this one. If you love your spices, then here’s a fun relatable video which every spice lover can nod their head in agreement. 

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