This Mother Turned Into A Farmer For Her Children And Now She Serves Them The Freshest Produce

by Shreya Ghosh 228

Providing healthy and nutritious food to children is always a massive concern for every parent. All the products available in the market are not always of the best quality as a lot of chemicals and pesticides are used to cultivate them. Meet, Subhashree Santhya who turned into a farmer to provide her children with the most nutritious and fresh produces. A terrifying incident led her to take this decision. Read on to know her story.

Subhashree Santhya Was An Engineer By Profession

Choosing farming as a profession was something that Subhashree did not think about before. She pursued BTech in Mechanical Engineering and then worked in companies such as TVS and Veer Engineering, according to a report by YourStory. Her 6-month-old son fell sick during the COVID-19 pandemic and unfortunately, the little boy underwent heart surgery.

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After the operation, the doctor guided to feed him a clean diet without any additives and chemicals. He was advised to follow a diet of organic produces. And this is when Subhashree started planting fruits and vegetables for her little one. The journey began on her flat balcony in Navi Mumbai and now she is an urban farmer growing fresh food.

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Being an engineer, she did not have an idea about the vast world of farming and being a farmer. She left her job and immersed herself in learning about farming and cultivating fresh veggies. Subhashree prepared compost from kitchen waste and earthworms and began her farming journey with okra, pumpkin, spinach, and tomatoes, as reported by YourStory.

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Slowly people nearby came to know about her exciting approach to farming and more mothers joined her in this initiative. She used her savings to purchase a piece of farming land in Kalapur and expanded her business.

To understand agriculture and farming better, Subhashree later completed her master’s degree in sustainable agriculture. She pursued the course from IIT Kharagpur. In fact, she was in Coimbatore and Pondicherry for about three months where she learned about organic farming and traditional agriculture.

Subhashree’s dedication to providing the best to her children is truly inspiring. Moving to a whole new direction and becoming a farmer was surely not a simple thing to do and she aced at it!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Subhashree Santhya @santhya_venkat