Varesh Airlines Plane Engine Sucks & Kills A Mechanic At Iran’s Chabahar Konarak Airport

This tragic accident was reported on July 3.

by Shreya Ghosh
Varesh Airlines Plane Engine Sucks & Kills A Mechanic At Iran’s Chabahar Konarak Airport

We are disappointed and frightened to hear the tragic news of a mechanic getting sucked and killed by a running jet engine of a Varesh Airlines Boeing. According to multiple reports, the unbelievable accident occurred at Chabahar Konarak airport in southern Iran. The horrifying news of an engine sucking in a man and taking his life came as a major shock to people worldwide. What caused this devastating accident? Let’s find out.

Varesh Airlines Flight Engine Sucked A Mechanic

Taking to X, On The Wings of Aviation (@OnAviation) shared a picture of the plane whose engine reportedly killed the mechanic at Chabahar Konarak Airport.

According to a report by NDTV, the aviation mechanic lost his life in this terrifying accident on July 3. Identified as Abolfazl Amiri, he was working on preventive and regular services and standard maintenance tasks on the Varesh Airline flight. The accident was reported on Boeing 737-500. After wrapping up his work and leaving the specified area, he returned to the aircraft to take a tool he left on the flight engine.

As soon as he came closer to the jet engine, it pulled him inside and killed him. It even caught fire after the tragic incident. It was the right-hand engine 737-500 that killed the innocent mechanic at Chabahar Konarak airport in Iran. A test was underway in the designated safety area when the incident took place.

According to regulations, a test run was ongoing with open cover flaps. This engine was functioning during the test. However, the employee rushed to this flight to retrieve his tool and unknowingly got sucked inside. Amiri lost his life and the engine burst into flames. Despite arranging a specific area for the test check, an unfortunate accident ended up taking place at the airport.

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An Investigation has Been Initiated

Varesh Airlines Engine Sucks Mechanic
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

The airport fire brigade rushed to the accident spot at the earliest to control and extinguish the engine fire. Also, they recovered the remains of the mechanic’s body. The Iranian aviation authority already started an investigation into the accident, according to a report by Hindustan Times. A major priority is to put an end to similar incidents.

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The tragic accident occurred despite the airport authorities arranging a safety area and following protocols. It is extremely crucial to stay away from any engine of an aircraft, especially when it is turned on. Follow regulations specified by authorities and travel safely.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ On The Wings of Aviation (@OnAviation)

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