5 Astounding Bridges Of India That Are True Engineering Marvels

bridges in india
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 3545

There is something truly exciting and magical about travelling or even standing on a bridge. You feel connected to the place, the city, its people and even nature. Whether you’ve gone on a bridge as a tourist or that’s your daily commute experience, admit it, you’re heart always races a little for that sprinkle of adventure. India has plenty of marvellous bridges built for traffic, tourism and other purposes, across seas, mountains and even forests. So, let’s take you on a virtual journey across 5 of India’s bridges, which are truly engineering marvels.

1. Bandra-Worli Sea Link In Mumbai

Rajiv Gandhi Setu is India’s answer to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Spanning 5.6km, the Bandra-Worli Sea Link is India’s longest bridge over water. Opened in 2009, this sea-link reduces travel time between Bandra and Worli from 60 minutes to just 20 minutes. Most importantly, it’s truly Mumbai’s pride to witness it illuminated beautifully, attracting tourists from all across the country. Do add this bridge to your wishlist people!

bridges in india

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2. Pamban Bridge In Rameshwaram

Tamil Nadu houses India’s first sea bridge which opened all the way back in 1914. Scherzer, a German engineer designed the central part of this architectural wonder. Pamban Railway bridge back in the day, served as the only link between Rameshwaram island until 1988. That’s when a road bridge was constructed. Thanks to its founder, Pamban bridge is popularly known as the Scherzer span. Despite taking 10 years to build it and even standing tall against a cyclone, this bridge hasn’t lost its charm. In fact, Rameshwaram will soon also get India’s first vertical sea rail bridge. 

3. Howrah Bridge In Kolkata

If Kolkata is on your bucket list, then travelling across the Howrah Bridge in the yellow taxi would definitely be your one true wish. The City of Joy, Kolkata houses the iconic Rabindra Setu over the Hooghly River. This is India’s largest cantilever bridge. Connecting twin cities of Kolkata and Howrah, the Howrah Bridge remains the fourth busiest cantilever bridge in the world. Rabindra Setu or Howrah bridge has made a lot of special appearances in Bollywood movies like Love Aaj Kal, Amar Prem and many more. It truly is the heartbeat of Kolkata.

bridges in india

Picture Credits: © iStock/ Roop_Dey

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4.  Jadukata Bridge In Meghalaya

A trip to the Northeast is must for those who crave for an enchanting experience amid nature. And when in Meghalaya visit the Jadukata bridge to feel the essence and serenity of the state. This is the longest span cantilever bridge in India. Situated close to the Indo-Bangladesh border, the Jadukata bridge remains a vital link in this border state. And when it comes to its beauty, it’s not just one of the most gorgeous bridges in the country, but in the world. Apart from Jadukata bridge, Meghalaya also houses another stunning bridge, the living root bridge. 

5. Golden Bridge In Gujarat

An iconic British era bridge awaits you in Gujarat. Constructed over the Narmada river, Golden Bridge was built by the British Raj for trade purposes. The British wanted smooth access to the port city of Mumbai through this bridge. If you’re wondering if this bridge is golden in colour, then sorry to break the bubble, but it’s not. It’s named golden because of its massive construction costs. Witnessing the gushing Narmada river from here, and just standing at this steel structure, it marvellous. Golden bridge continues to be an integral part of Gujarat’s history and how!

bridges in india

Picture Credits: heritagebharuch.wordpress.com

Well, so these are some of the most gorgeous bridges in India that are truly architectural wonders, hope you add these bridges and enjoy your time here.

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