Rent A Campervan In Maharashtra And Discover Wilderness Like Never Before

campervan maharashtra
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Looking for ways to travel safely amid the pandemic? Missing the outdoors way too much? Well, a new campervan is here for you! The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) is joining hands with Motohom to rent out campervans to travellers. It comes with facilities like GPS tracking, a convertible flatbed, and even a ‘terrace’! A day’s rent for the mini campervan begins at about ₹4,000. Read on to know more details.

Take A Campervan Along Maharashtra’s Scenic Trails

You can now rent a campervan in Maharashtra and set out to explore wilderness like never before! In a bid to revive tourism, MTDC and Motohom have collaborated to offer this unique experience to travellers. There are two vehicles up for grabs: the minivan and the traditional motorhome. The first one is perfect for solo/couple travellers, and the second one can easily accommodate a small family. The campervan service was flagged off by Maharshtra’s Tourism Minister, Aaditya Thackeray.


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Facilities In The Campervan

As such, you don’t need to carry much, because these campervans in Maharashtra have most of the things you need, like cooking utilities. The rear passenger seat of the minivan can easily turn into a flatbed, and there is also a repurposed trunk. If you want some extra space, you can check out the detachable living space that sits on the roof.

campervan maharashtra

Picture Credits: Ashutosh Salil/ twitter

The bigger campervan has kitchen, living room, small bedroom, bathroom, and a ‘terrace’ on the roof. Both these vans also come with a waste disposal system, as well as GPS tracking systems. They’re also equipped with security sirens, and SOS buttons, as per a report by Times of India.

campervan maharashtra

Picture Credits: Maharashtra Tourism

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How To Rent These Campervans In Maharashtra?

To book the campervans in Maharashtra, all you have to do is head to Motohom’s website. You can rent the minivan from there for ₹4,000 a day, and the bigger one for ₹21,000/day. (The rent for the bigger one includes the service costs of a driver and an attendant). There’s also an option for leasing your vehicle, which will then be converted into a campervan for your use. Also, did you know about this private chopper service that will take you to Coorg and Hampi?

campervan maharashtra

Picture Credits: Aaditya Thackeray twitter

Meanwhile, the pandemic is still raging, and it’s ideal to avoid unnecessary travel. And while there are safe options now, like these campervans in Maharashtra, it’s a good idea to plan effectively. Till then, check out these stunning places to visit in Maharashtra.


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