Here Are India’s Best Destinations For Every Month Of The Year!

by Vidisha Khaitan
Here Are India’s Best Destinations For Every Month Of The Year!

India has a place for every month of the year. All the seasons are their own in every different place. We are the land of diversity in people and in scenery. Culture, food, weather and opportunity thrive in a whole new direction every few 100 km. Plan your getaway calendar for the next year where we can finally hope to be COVID-19 free. What if every month of this year could teach you a new way of life? 

1. January in Kumarakom, Kerala  

Start the year with minimum humidity maximum relaxation. The best time to visit south India is winter. Between December and February, tropical Kerala turns into a paradise of dry weather. You might even like a drape around you in the evening. Even Sara Ali Khan agrees. Kumarakom, near Kottayam has a 14-acre bird sanctuary, beautiful backwaters and spectacular resorts. Lake Vembanad, which is located in the area, is the longest in India too.

Where: Kerala 

Image Credit: booking, Sara Ali Khan Official Instagram

2. February in Nashik 

Music, food and friends are great. Music, food and friends with wine is mind blowing. Sula Fest is party paradise in the first week of February. This is when the gorgeous vineyard turns into a two-day music festival. The celebrations have come to a halt because of Covid, but nonetheless, February is a great time to experience India’s most famous vineyards.

Where: Maharashtra 

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3. March in Rishikesh 

This is the best time to bask in the sun while a cool breeze brushes through. March is the best month to visit Rishikesh’s pristine sands. Let the rafting begin! The food scene in Rishikesh is highly underrated. From organic pancakes to chocolate overdose, this place is a munchies paradise. Uttarakhand To Resume Boating In Naini Lake From September 1.

Where: Uttarakhand 

4. April in Dharamshala 

Visit Himachal Pradesh before the rains hit. Winter is over and weather is not just extremely cold, not freeze-to-death cold. Sun shines in the morning. The night brings spontaneous jam sessions with strangers. Dharamshala is the place to go for a special Himalayas experience in India. It’s vibrant, it’s global and Israeli food is everywhere.

Where: Himachal Pradesh 

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5. May in Gangtok 

Along the Teesta River stand tall the peaks and valleys of Gangtok. River rafting, mountain biking, paragliding, you will never run out of things to try. On the other hand, Gangtok can also prove to be a relaxing destination with breathtaking views and finger-licking momos. This town is like water you can shape into any glass. Sikkim Is The Only Indian State With Zero Coronavirus Cases Till Now.

Where: Sikkim 

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6. June in Leh 

June means one thing and one thing only. The season for Leh has begun. Take a journey on your bike (with sound cancellation). Go solo for soul searching. Conquer the peaks on high intensity treks. You could also just lie down. Leh is the most beautiful northern star India could ask for. The only thing that we need to think twice about is the polluting traces we could leave behind, but we won’t! 

Where: Ladakh 

7. July in Orchha 

Travel back in time to the land of monuments and temples. Considered to be a favourite among some of the most offbeat places in the country, this is a beautiful family destination with lots to see. The heritage will make you forget all about noise and commotion. Best part: the town is flouring by the banks of river Betwa. Kids love the grandiose of the forts. They also house great quiet nooks and corners for the solitude seekers. Jahangir Mahal, Ram Raja temple and the Chhatris are just enough to cover on one weekend.

Where: Madhya Pradesh 

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8. August in Shillong 

Enjoy the monsoon. We say go big or go home. Shillong sees some of the heaviest rainfall in the country. August is when it is about to begin. In September, rain truly claims its space. So, in August you will have the best of both worlds. The valleys of Khasi and Jayanti hills, lush waterfalls and panoramic views of greenery make it worth it.

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Where: Meghalaya 

9. September in Udaipur 

Udaipur is among India’s most beautiful destinations. The city comes alive starting September with tourists all around, wedding fever and mystical fog making everyone feel the magic. Udaipur’s hospitality industry is famous as the world’s best. Lake Pichola and the street food surrounding it makes this place perfect for a royal feel in September. Here are 10 Cities You Must Definitely Explore In Rajasthan.

Where: Rajasthan 

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10. October in Andaman and Nicobar 

Did you know that your life becomes exponentially better after a formal scuba diving certification from this place? It’s a science. The science of Curly Tales travelling! Andaman and Nicobar should be an annual destination on everyone’s list.  

Where: Andaman and Nicobar Islands 

11. November in Gokarna 

Watch the phytoplankton light up your life in this little cliff town. Microscopic bioluminescent organisms live in the Arabian Sea. At night, usually during moonless darkness, the sea lights up if nature deems you worthy. Gokarna is a great place to just do nothing. Walk back and forth from beaches, meet musicians from all over the world and maybe dedicate a day to Frisbee.  Here are 5 Ideal Trips For A Brother Who Loves Mountains & A Sister Who Loves Beaches.

Where: Karnataka 

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12. December in Rann of Kutch 

The Rann of Kutch is an oasis in an otherwise deserted village of Dhordo, 85 kms away from Bhuj. This barely traceable village is host to the Rann Utsav, a festival that celebrates the arts, culture and beauty of Gujarat under one roof. Perched on arid, barren and cracked land, the Rann Utsav’s tent city is speckled with colourful stalls and beautiful tents. Every year 10,000 tourists walk the fest from all over the globe. The silver sand is the most beautiful backdrop to Indian tincture in handicrafts, cultural shows and rows of food.

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Where: Gujarat  

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India has too much to cover in one lifetime. Pick a destination for every month of the year and just follow your calendar come what may. You will always have a reason to save that money. There will never be enough time.